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Thursday, June 10, 2010

meteorological phenomena

I don't think I've noticed this before this spring, but need to comment on a new(to me) development in local weather patterns.
Rainy days are the bain of training. But they are part of life so you deal. There is nothing quite as sweet as finishing a ride and pulling up to your house as the rain drops start to fall.
Like most people, I work and my workouts have to be pre or post work. Lately,the weather has learned a new trick to deal with this. For the past couple weeks, we have experienced rain in the morning (up til about 9AM) followed by a sunny day, and then the return of rain(at you guessed it....right about 5PM). What is more annoying than a rainy day? A day that rains only when you can ride and then taunts you with sun while you are trying to work.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Name Checking Mecht Mensch and Void

There seems to be a whole bunch of bands that get described as being like "Void" or "Mecht Mensch" and I think this is total BS. This is some record reviewer shorthand that I guess is supposed to acknowledge how good the record reviewers record collection is and how in the know the reader of the review is for catching the reference. Problem is that it is rarely accurately describes how the band sounds.
The Mecht Mensch thing is just some record nerd bullshit. For the few that have heard the 7", it's not that good, but if you want to appear in the know, you're supposed to nod knowingly. Don't believe me-check the songs here. They didn't even stand out on that Mystic Records Comp. Pretty much the yardstick of generic US Hardcore. The whole Nirvana connection helped revive the bands name and I'm sure today's hipsters read about them in some Spin or Rolling Stone Nirvana article or something when they were 14, but come on. I guess if you were the sucker that paid $50 bucks for it, you don't want to feel like you got a bad deal. There are dozens of lost classics that blow the doors of MM. Try and sound like Neon Christ and get a clue. At least with all the music in the world turning up online, you can tell the pretentious name dropper that you've heard the record and it wasn't too much to write home about.

The Void comparison is another too commonly thrown around description for rote-retro hardcore. Get a fucking grip. Void were a juggernaut. Your shitty band, playing back to the future 80s HC will never be in the same league. Never mind the BS of trying to pass off sub-par boom box recordings as adding to the "rawness".
When older dudes or non-hardcore kids start playing hardcore(with some ironic smirk), they try and drop these obtuse references to Void or Die Kreuzen. I guess since they can't blast it out as devastatingly as Negative Approach or whatever "too obvious" band a normal person would aspire to emulate. As soon as I see Void referenced in a review, I can write the record off. Someone is trying to hard.

**to clarify for the kids in the slow Bus. Void ruled. They are timeless. Mecht Mensch are not. Die Kreuzen remains music for the too much acid contingent. Regardless your band does not sound like any of them and for you record reviewers-try a little harder.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I hate 5" records

The 45 or 7" or whatever you want to call it is the perfect musical delivery system. Whether it is classic soul or 14 songs of the rawest hardcore, the format keeps it short and sweet. No time for any double LP foolishness. Shorter isn't always better though. Case in point, the 5". Where novelty and collectiblity collide and no one is the winner. Big Black did one with the pigpile VHS. I remember it was almost impossible to play since most turntables with the automatic arm return pick up before the track starts. Great.
RFTC did one which figured prominently in a previous post and not in a good way. I am sure I have a few others (slap a ham maybe?)and I know I have some 60s/70s novelty jingles on 5"s. Do I play them? No. I can't even seem to remember them.
The format sucks. It is too short. Sound quality seems shoddy and you can't really file them with your other singles.
Record collectors are pretentious assholes said someone smarter than me and this format proves the point. Get less for more.
Never mind the fact that the existence of the stupid RFTC one woke me up out of a deep sleep and ruined an uber-nerd theory I was developing. So ruining my day alone, 5"s are on my shit list but there is more.
A format that sucks almost as bad as flexis(flexis will always be cooler) and is almost as a big a pain as 78s, but holds less music and is harder to play.
What is the upside?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Making Rapha seem reasonable....

Assos prices are insane. Assos product may be good, but the style has never grabbed me. Assos foray into "casual" wear is more Kazak Mob than rouleur, but now they are into beach towels and throw pillows??? How can you even process this? Do the sell bikes at Ron Jon's Surf Shop or Crate and Barrel??? Who is the target for these products? Whose market share are they trying to steal?
About $200 bucks for the pair with shipping. Think of all the things you could upgrade on your bike for two bills. Never mind the sweet bib shorts you could get.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Record Collecting Pet Peeve #.......

"Acid-Folk" has got to be a term even more misused than "private press". Shit that sounds like John Denver or Emmlyou Harris is hardly "acid fried commune folk damage". It is hard to sell boring new age hippie warbling, but one thing helps for sure-call it "acid folk". Just cause its old doesn't mean its good or crazy.
Wanna be Eagles Cali soft rock or West Texas honky tonk balladering does not have much in common with Charles Manson warbling over his acoustic to the girls around a campfire.

And it's not just old record store assholes that are doing it. Drag City, Devendra Barndoor, etc are all letting journalists run wild with "far out" taglines and generalizations.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Starting the day of annoyed. Record Reviews that suck!

Sometimes bands make oblique references to their influences and sometimes they throw up giant fucking neon signs. The "new" Jon Spencer Blues Explosion comp on In the Red records for example. The cover is a tribute to the Crypt Records Back from the Grave garage punk comps.
How does someone miss that? If you are reviewing this how can you not be aware of the BFTG series? Today's annoyance is Pitchfork's review of this record. Not the music just the failure to know this. If you don't even get the cover, your review of the music is just as pointless. A basic name check of Stooges,Stones, and Howling Wolf is about as lazy as you can get. Come on it wasn't like he chose to mimic artwork from a a Desperate Bicycles or Space Negros record. Back from the Grave is music geek 101.
Maybe it's my fault for being old and spending most of the cash I've ever earned on records, or maybe I shouldn't read record reviews first thing in the morning, but this set me off. Remember you are dealing with a hairy old grump and I think it is always better to keep your mouth shut and keep people guessing if your an idiot than to open your mouth and prove it.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Thanks Coach

The boom in sports coaching has been pretty wild. You can benefit from a structured training plan and good feedback, but there are a couple things that make me crazy
1.Coaches who race-how can I trust you? Are you going to make me as fast as I can be or just a little slower than you?
2.McCoaching. Why drop money monthly for a plan with no personal feedback or assessment?
3.Ex-Pros who now coach, but never used coaches or training plans in their racing days? Then brag about it in interviews?
4.Half truths-coaches always tell you not to starve yourself and to "refuel" etc, but then you read coaches blogs that talk about skipping meals and cutting weight.
Cycling always comes down to a weight to power ratio. There isn't anyway around it.
Rule number one will always be "shut up and suffer". If you do that long enough, you might get better.

So with that all said I guess there are only two options until Jens Voigt turns coach. Nega Coach is probably suitable for 90% of aspiring racers.If you are uncomfortable with Nega-Coach, that leaves Greg Hill. He was wining before you were born. BMX you say? But of course, think about the BMX roots of some of today's top pros (Robbie McEwen for example.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Excellent day of riding on Sunday thanks to the Charles River Wheelmen's Climb to the Clouds Century out to Wachusett and back. I quiched out and took the 80 mile option that skipped the actual climb up Wachusett. It was super hot and I did not have the legs. Plenty of water and food stops. Course was well marked and arrowed (minor annoyance #1 I did the Seven Hills Wheelmen Quabbin Century earlier this summer and it was like they only had half a can of paint and were afraid to use it-markings stunk, but the ride was awesome. So props to Charle's River for doing it right). There were so many crashes in the first hour, that it felt like a Cat 5 race, but once it all strung out it was fine.
But of course a five hour ride can't be without some annoyances. What is up with people trying to ride down on their aero extensions in a group or paceline? I realize that most tri-geeks are anti-social or OCD solo trainers, but do you lack that much common sense? Regardless of whether you are in front or behind me, your hands had better be near your brakes. My fat ass will give you more aero benefits than your bars. And it is amazing the looks you get when you call someone out. It's like they don't even understand what a potential menace they are. There was a good article in the back of Velonews about this last month check it out if you see it. There are way too many people on six thousand dollar bikes that can't ride in straight line. It takes time not money to be a good cyclist and you've got to pay attention and listen and learn.
I read about something called a "bento box" on NYCBikeSnob and was excited to actually see them in person-attached to the bikes of the offending aero idiots. How much of a time penalty is it to reach into your jersey pockets for a gel? Is that really worth strapping a mini glove compartment to your bike? Being a roadie I live in a glass house, but so little of the tri-geek way of life makes sense. When you get so good that the only thing stopping you from winning is that, strap on the bento box. Until then shut up, pedal, and suffer like everyone else.
So I got off track. Good job to CRW!!! Thanks for your hardwork putting it together, but maybe next time have some water at the finish???

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

fixed gear horror shows

Boston is a town full of people on bikes which should be a good thing, but some of the things you see people riding make me cringe. I am not talking about dept store bikes or budget bikes, but idiots who think just becuase it's a "fixed gear" all other rules of bike fit and gearing go out the window. This is a short list of some of my favorite malfunctions.
1. Bike fit. Small person giant bike is always a good one (just like Chris Farley in the tiny jacket-it is funny but doesn't look right or work well), but the too tall seat post is another classic. Are you trying to look like Pettachi? If you look like a hunchback bending down trying to grab you bars, there is a thing called an allen wrench that can help. Couple the huge drop and reach with a giant messenger bag and an average speed of 10MPH and you have something that looks like a grazing camel not a bike rider.
2.Gearing. Are you trying to win the kilo? What is up with the giant gearing? Do you want knees when you are 30?. Too hard to spin and too hard to stop. Why is there a 50+ tooth ring on your bike? Why is their an 11 or 12 tooth cog? 60-70RPM worked for Ullrich but one of his thighs was the size of your waist. Learn to spin. Ask someone about gearing. Riding a bike can be fun and fast.
3. Helmets. I hate to be the scold on this one and I am a hypocrite because I used to never wear helmets, but if you are going to play in traffic all day and do it half in the bag at night a helmet isn't a bad idea. A side note, kids rocking Cinelli caps when they are running no Cinelli parts (or Campy, etc) always annoy me, but to reiterate I am a hairy old grump so deal.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I am Barillo

So Basso "confesses". He admits to "attempting to dope"??? He beat the runner up in the Giro (who was doped) by 9 minutes and the rest of the field by 11 clean??? Right. That one didn't work to good for Dario Frigo a few years ago, but whatever. His defense is reminiscent of the whole "It depends on what your definition of is is" defense of former president Clinton. Legally sound but bankrupt to common sense. Not too many posts ago, I said I would be OK with guys who admitted to doping, took their bans and came back -Millar for example and if Basso serves his suspension and comes back I won't complain too much-especially since he will be racing things like the Peace Race in Poland for 2 years. But his "confession" is pretty fucking weak. It is pulling a Musseew and trying to protect some of his victories. They are tainted. Just admit it.
I am going to say it again, if you want to get rid of dopin, fine and ban the teams, DS's, and sponsors. If the holding company for a team got banned, how quickly would the title sponsor sue them out of existence? Cycling needs to introduce a system like relegation in soccer (football...) and kick out the drugged teams. As soon as you introduce a little USA style punitive damages justice by lawsuit, you could have this situation all sorted out.
I want an honest race. I don't care if it is slower than the past. Shorten the stages whatever. I still don't think I could ride everyday for 3 weeks over those distances-even if you cut them in half. A clean peleton of pro's would still be faster than me so I don't need them doped as well.

Monday, May 7, 2007

barnes and noble zombies

When did the concept of store get confused with library or living room? Walk into any Barnes and Noble and you are accosted by a sea of people curled up in comfy chairs reading books with their shoes off. Sipping coffees and looking smug. And why shouldn't they? They are getting the information contained in the books for free. You see people with 10 books stacked on a table taking notes, what the fuck? That is what a library is for. If I ran one of these places, you would be getting thrown the fuck out. It makes me reminisce back to Center St News in Hyannis where the hapless clerk(a failed 6th grade teacher named Mr.King who had a problem with picking his nose which landed him the nicknames like King the Fling and Fling King, etc) would scream at you if you spent too long looking at BMX ACTION to "buy that or get out, this ain't a library".
What if I want to do something crazy like buy a book and instead of being on the shelf some fucking shithead has it in his lap covered in crumbs from his coffee roll? Barnes and Noble are engaged in commerce otherwise known as exchanging goods or services for money. Are they so desperate for foot traffic that this is an acceptable trade off? Is that the kind of return customer you want? Do public libraries have to start serving lattes to be a cool destination? Has internet shopping turned people into such fucking babies that staggering around in public in your PJs is an acceptable course of action? Show some initiative, get dressed, buy something, and then go the fuck home and read it. That worked for a couple hundred years. And make a pot of coffee while you are at it. Otherwise you'll be one of those shitheads lounging on the comfy chairs there reading the Sunday paper. Do you live in a barracks? Go home.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Show times for bands

During my 20s, I used to go out and see bands night afteer night. No sleep off to work, snatch a nap, and do it again. Well I love music as much now as I did then, but am hardly ever going out to shows. Why? I cannot stand sitting in a bar til one in the morning. It makes no sense. The general pearl of wisdom I hear is that, bands play until last call to keep people drinking in the bar. Newsflash, people who want to drink will hang and drink regardless. If you started bands at 7 or 8PM and for a typical 3 band show ran it off at 8/9/10PM you would probably get more people out to see the bands. You could have one of the endless stream of serious or ironic DJs rock until last call and guess what? People would stay and drink.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Whole Foods Cambridge

There are few places in the city that I hate as much as Whole Foods in Fresh Pond. The self absorbed shit heads that wander and clog the aisles drive me close to tourette's level outbursts whenever I go in there. And I some how always manage to think it won't be bad this time.... but it is. Early morning, late at night, week day, week night, weekend. No relief. It is like wandering onto a Woody Allen movie shoot without a script. It is easy to pick on Cambridge, but almost every pretension and stereotype(and wacky ethnic head wear) that defines Cambridge is fully represented within these four walls.
How hard is to more quickly and with some spacial awareness through a grocery store? Haven't we been doing this since we were kids? Every grocery store has basically the same layout. Get in Get out. But my ultra efficient methods are defeated time and time again by lunatics who park their carts in aisles and stare at peanut butter like they have never fucking seen it before. I could understand the confusion if I had wandered into the rare cheese corner but I am in the cereal and peanut butter aisle. Get serious. I want healthy food, but I am going to either have a stroke or catch a manslaughter charge.
I gottta find another place to get that Koomboocha tea.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

decline of the cd

When CDs first started to appear, they were treated and handled with serious respect(kind of how audiophiles handle lps now) but over time the respect for the format has been in serious decline. I think the first thing that started the trend was CD "wallets". Stripping off the case and storing just the disc and artwork. You used to have a nice rack or wall of alphabetized CDs now it's a wallet thrown in the back of your car. It didn't take long for the artwork to disappear or the disc to end up on the floor. Even if it got trashed, you could probably pick it up again used for a couple bucks. Selling your CDs used was another experience that makes you value them less. You bought it for $12 and sold it for a $1 and there are 10 of them in a bin for $3.99. A waffle maker holds its value better.
The rise of CD Burners was another nail. Suddenly you could buy a 100 disc spindle of blank CDs to record on for short money. They cost pennies each. How many of these have you seen getting scratched and crushed on the floor? Lose it, Scratch it, Burn another who cares. All this coupled with the rise of the MP3 served to undercut the real and perceived value of a CD. Unfortunately as the perceived value of the CD fell, manufacturer's and distributor's kept trying to sell them at the price that they held in the past. This gap in perception between consumer and label, is primarily responsible for driving people out of record stores and into downloading, burning.

It also demonstrates how product life cycles are becoming much shorter. Look at movies. The VHS tape had a long reign and with it came the video store. DVDs appeared but stores were able to survive (It's still a video store even when it's full of DVDs. Just like it is still a Record Store even though it is full of CDs) The new technology might have even bought them a couple more years. Then there was Netflix and suddenly video stores seem kind of lame. Now Netflix has been around for a few years and it is trying to shift away from mail delivery to something that would mimic "on demand". Netflix makes Video Rental look like a dinosaur but is undercut in a tenth of the time by "on demand". DVDs need to react faster than CDs and close the perception gap on value with the consumer. A DVD is headed towards life as a one use disposable item and needs to be priced accordingly. People will go the movies for 5-10 bucks and be happy. If DVDs dropped in price, you could still have people feeling good about getting them-but convenience and price are key. No one is going to be going to a video store. They need to be somewhere else. Because convenience and immediacy are perhaps even more important than price in driving new trends and sales.
Immediate access wherever you are is as important as the content. You may have the best movie,song, video, whatever, but if you lack the delivery system to send it to someones phone, laptop, next fashionable mobile device you are out of luck. And even if you have the best new idea

Friday, March 2, 2007


Can a bunch of dudes who live in their parents basement and run around in Kiss make up and nail studded arm bands, really be a threat? Can a horde of maniacs dressed like medeival soldiers really purify Poland? I think I am more concerned about the PCP fueled Ricky Kasso type metal head than the ones who speak Orc.
Maybe it is naive not to get upset by the outright racism and aryan mumbo jumbo of this genre, but if Skrewdriver were easier to laugh at than take seriously how is this not a laugh riot? Ian Stuart never dressed up like King Arthur (as far as I remember). If you aren't clear on what NSBM is it is Nationalist Socialist Black Metal and wikipedia saves me the trouble of explaining. Decibel did a good job too.

PS this is another acronym that gets mis-used on Ebay to try and hype terrible bands.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Is Tom Danielson a tool?

Showing up for a local timetrial with full TDF tech level? WTF? This seems like such a pissy rich kid move. If you are on a pro tour team, you should be showing up to the local time trial on a rusty mountain bike and kicking everyone's ass.
Maybe he is trying to throw the gauntlet down for the tour of california or do some last minute testing of his race equipment. but it seems like a punk move to me.
Tommy D seems like another Hincapie in the making.

Monday, February 12, 2007

cost of goods

I want to buy some duffle bags for my kids. Nothing fancy, just big bags to pack for vacation. Because I am a cycling geek and gear connoisseurs, I am of course aware that BailyBag Works in Portsmouth NH, makes duffle bags. So I check the site and do a double take at the price a $100 bucks? I'd pay that for a backpack or messenger bag for me, but for some rarely used items that my kids will probably lose, a $100 is beyond my price range.
I can get a similar appearing bag at target or walmart for $20.
How much better can one bag be than the other? How much do you really want to support independent business? The whole "vote with your dollar" debate is now encapsulated in front of you with one purchase.
Buying a Bailey Bag you support a local small business. You also shoulder a larger chunk of the true cost of the goods purchased. The bag from the giant retailer, comes from oversees where corporations get gov'ts to bear huge chunks of operating costs, where employees wages and opportunities are ??(I can't pretend to know but I can guess a lot worse than here) The bag gets sold in a store where any operating cost (health insurance, retirement benefits, etc) are being driven down or passed onto the state gov't to handle.
But this also highlights a huge issues with economics in America. Only the wealthy can make a choice not based on the bottom line. If you have a family and a normal paycheck you are struggling to cover all the costs of everyday life, never mind save for college, new car, vacation, etc. So cost is always the overriding factor. Quality 2nd. Ethics or Style distant stragglers for 3 or 4th. But it appears that small business is forced to shoulder a larger share of the cost of goods that the large mega-retailers. In many cases a mega-retailer is selling products for the price small business has to pay wholesale. This is not so much economies of scale as it is the economics of monopoly. Check this story from a while back in Fast Company to see what I meanThese choices also have the Darwinian effect of limiting your future choices. You are short on cash and go to Walmart. Money goes out of your community-away from small business. Small businesses close, and you have no choice but to go to the last man standing.
There used to be 2 small grocery stores within walking distance of the house I grew up in plus 2 other stores that had a more limited supply of groceries. 30 years later one is left and it sells mainly booze. You are getting in your car to food shop. Same formula for a lot of retailers.
Think about furniture? It went from something made by craftsmen meant to last a lifetime or more to disposable particle board shit that barely outlasts a 2 year lease? Run down a list of main street retailers from book stores to hardware stores and they are no replaced by strip mall box retailers. Main Street is history.
Why is there a penalty for trying to support local business? and how long can the average person pay it?
Think about non-essential goods like bikes or skateboards. It would be great to buy your kids Independent Fabrication or A.N.T. bikes, but who can afford that? Even if 4 bikes from Walmart get thrown in the trash in a year you are still $1000 ahead of buying one indy-crafted bike or even reputable bikes from an indy bike shop.
It was supposed to be the invisible hand, but it seems more like the invisible subsidy that helps these mega-retailers succeed. You cannot have fair competition in when goods of similar value compete with such an uneven playing field.
The economic divide in this country which seems to encourage small boutique business that survives on the super rich and the rest of us who get what we can afford at target or walmart, is only growing and appears to undermine the essential concepts of independence and opportunity that made this country.
And to summarize. Bailey Bags are not too expensive. Their cost represents the true cost of producing goods in America in a small business. Bailey is good. Do not get it confused. My point is it is fucked that companies that are fucking up life for working people get endless local, national, and international subsidies and handouts. My second point is it pisses me off to be put in situations where for financial reasons, I support companies that I would prefer not to.
Another perspective on this was coined "conflicted consumers" by Harvard Business Review last month.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

dj shadow starter kit

DJ Shadow starter kit gone wrong
I always found the guys wandering around record conventions with portable and kiddie turntables to be a little disturbing, but I figured since they might be dropping big bucks on records they deserve a little quality control.That said things have gone too far. Yesterday, I headed out to do a little record shopping. Right off the bat I am annoyed because 2 douche bags are in the soul section. You've got DJ Shadow JR and Baby DJ Spooky. I am sure they had the illest record collections in their respective high schools, but why do idiots like this always end up in my way? Then I get more annoyed as they are talking-seriously shut the fuck up and look at the records. I do not want to hear you regurgitate whatever you just read in Wax Poetics last issue. Then the last straw, DJ shadow Jr has portable record player. And he and DJ Spooky starter kit aren't even looking at the soul section they are digging through the cheap hip hop 12"s on the floor. DJ Shadow JR is taking $1 12"s and spinning them. Maybe he doesn't know what a RZA track sounds like or Premier or whatever. How hard is it to look at the artist and producer and know what it sounds like?It's a dollar shithead, buy it and get out of my way. So maybe if you are under 30 and don't collect records, you can't feel my pain. But rest assured, some day you will be a hairy old grump too.... if you are lucky.

rolling suitcases

rolling suitcases
Airports, Train Stations, Subways, Bus Stations. I hate rolling luggage. Those stupid fucking suitcases with wheels and extended handles that turn anyone walking with one into a giant fucking obstacle. They seem to be lowest common denominator in idiot identification, Pick the fucking thing up and move. They seem to have the effect of making their pilot slower, dumber, and more likely to try and execute some demented three point turn without warning. If you are in one of those locations, you are traveling -trying to get somewhere-so fucking move, hustle, get the fuck out of the way. I do not want to spend anytime behind you as you stare in slack jawed confusion at whatever sign happens before you.
Another tip, as you approach the beginning or end of an escalator, pick the fucking thing up, instead of feebly trying to drag it over whatever little obstacle holds it up. Finally there is the wheeled suitcase superstar, who tries to use their suitcase as a rolling cart, balancing their lunch,newspaper, etc on it as they stagger around in front of you. Right as you need to get past them, their carefully packed load falls all over the ground and they turn into a spastic flapping bird trying to recover. Newsflash, you are not fucking sherpa or a UPS driver. You cannot handle it, don't do it.
If you want to take 500 pound of shit with you somewhere, be able to carry it or be ready to pay a pro to do it for you.

Loose use of vocabulary

I spend too much time on ebay buying and selling records........The mis-use of the "KBD" acronym has to stop. I realize how hard it is to get your auctions seen by the most people, but calling a new black flag shirt or a mid 90s straightedge comp "killed by death" is not going to help. Do you think anyone that searches using "KBD" will look at that or just get annoyed? Maybe I wouldn't get so agitated if I wasn't up ha fl the night looking for gizmos 45s, but either way cut the shit. If it is after84 don't call it KBD-and that is generous. Most record nerds would draw the line around 81-82. Snotty punk bands from So-Cal are not KBD. They can try all they want, but it can't happen unless they have time machine. Doesn't matter if it is "limited to 100". Get over it.It is bad enough that you can't type in "emo" without getting 20 pages of my chemical romance wristbands. This is another bonus annoyance, when did "emo" become pop-punk with make up? Dischord makes it tough, since the original home of emo has gone heavy on the art and indy rock. Emo as in "emotional hardcore". As in bands that didn't turn metal. Bands that broke up after one lp,demo, or show. Emo used to mean DC bands from 86(embrace, rites of spring, revolution summer etc) and bands influenced by them. Bands that wanted to play powerful music, but avoid the generic hardcore goon and cross-over scene that was developing back then, How hard is that to keep straight? Some shithead in a band that sounds like NOFX moaning about not getting laid is pop punk, Some dingbat in a marching band uniform and make up is ,,,,,,,, you got me, but it is not emo. If you aren't dressed like a gas station attendant, wearing a wool cap in the summer, digging threw record bins looking for that Ignition 7" on Orange wax you are not emo. These things make me mental. It's like seeing a Harry Connick reviewed as free jazz. It makes no fucking sense.