Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tire Balls and more interbike madness

Maybe some day I will visit this for real, but until then I get to anxiously await internet bulletins for things like tire balls and Brooks roll up panniers- so sick, but almost 300 bones
DiLuca sent home??? Bettini being questioned WTF. Cycling governing bodies need to get it together.

Lonnie Youngblood African Twist 45 Loma

I guess Lonnie is showing some of his African roots on this by shouting "Swahili" and "Ungowa" through out the record. Where "Ariba" fits in? That I don't know.
Has kind of a Stax sound to it. "Live" recording? You tell me. 1967 on Loma Records.
He kicks up the sax antics on side two aka Part II. Good groover.
Not surprisingly Funky16Corners has already written this up along with the entire genre of African titled soul and funk 45s. They kick ass.
Lonnie Youngblood will be turning up again soon. Mainly for his connection to the shady world of early Hendrix rjavascript:void(0)
Publish Postecords and a legendary record man named Johnny Brantley.
You have been warned.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Hippies are Trying 45

I guess you can only write so many songs about drinking,loving,fighting, and being down on your luck. Junior Wells hit that wall around the time he dropped this single. Basic blues rocker, You got to tell Junior how you can be so mean to the hippies?
Flipside "You're tuff enough" is an uptempo horn driven enjoyable, but forgetable bar rocker that is also the title to the LP this is taken from. Perhaps this is the song that motivated Tigerman Kim Wilson to ask "Ain't that tuff enough"? Mercury/Blue Rock records.
If you dig this be sure and try and track down Otis Spann's Blues for Hippies 45. I can only hope there is a whole sub genre of post-woodstock hippie related blues records to find......