Saturday, September 27, 2008


check out the guitarist in this version. the one whose guitar points in the wrong direction

Rabobank Het Volk training footage

I guess Rabo is big enough to have it's own TV channel. Nice. That's much better than the Yes network even if it's in Dutch.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Hara Krsna Festival 45. early hansadutta krsna rock#27

Got this one in the mail Hara Krishna Kirtan backed with Vande Ham(not familar with this). 1974 German release so you can bet Hans Krey is credited and prominent in the vocals on the kirtan. He distinct energetic and unhinged warble is hard to miss.
Rhythnms on this one are a little herky jerky. Devotional. AVINAS CHANDRA is credited with singing on Vande Ham.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Odds and Ends

Svein Tuft has a good day. Silver Medal after a bike change at the Worlds and then in snags a 2 year deal with Garmin!Not to take away any of Grabsch's thunder, but Svein had a good day I have always liked this guy. Maybe he can ride one of these. Wingnuts, widgets, and one speed. Nice.
How funny is it that a donut shop helps support the Canadian National Team?
Lil'Wayne blogs? Get stoked.
As if Bettini's custom hat wasn't cool enough,he has custom socks too. Sadly they aren't enough to protect him from getting ether'd by Lefevre "Now I have four top riders for the price of Bettini: Chavanel, Devolder, Tosatto and Schumacher," he added. "My decision was made quickly." Ouch.
Hopefully a win tomorrow will take the sting out. I am calling Bettini,Valverde, and Schumacher for the podiuom tomorrow. Not original and after the left of center TT podium maybe a bad call.

I wouldn't run white hoods or saddle but this is super gnar

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hot Gossip

It's not the DaVinci code, but based on this gesture and his odd blood values, Dekker should be decked out in Rock Racing kit next season. Stay tuned.
PS just kidding. According to Het Volk he is definitely not riding for CSC next year.

Black Flag Madness

Someone better tell this guy there is a recession going on. 7Gs for a test press with a sketch? Nice try.


Levi's biggest fan gets punked by Flecha. Nice bike handlings skills

Blood Ceremony

Doom is like an organism in a petri dish. It replicates and replicates with very few mutations. But if labels like Rise Above want you to keep buying their records, there have to be new twists on the formula. In come Blood Ceremony
Take some Sabbathy prog doom grooves and add in a female singer(who sounds a bit like Geddy Lee...) and some organ action that sounds straight out of ? Mark and the Mysterians more than Deep Purple. If that isn't enough bust out the flute-played by the singer of course. Mix in an obsession with horror flicks. Name check Black Widow and Coven.
Sounds like the recipe for disaster (and that is before you find out they are from Canada!), but it is actually a pretty good retro
record. Do not expect any surprises. Some of the grooves and rock action is by the numbers Fu-Manchu'ish (ie journeyman 70s rock reproduction), but it occasionally rises above average. The flute is played with real abandon. She is wailing more than Ian Anderson on a viagra binge. I don't think anyone who wouldn't feel a little embarrassed to get caught listening to the flute intro to "I'm Coming with You"
I am often helpless when confonted with generic boogie rock that has an organ jamming along and when these guys get cooking it is oddly compelling.
This record is kind of like a car wreck. I shouldn't keep listening to it, but I do. I should hate it, but I don't.
I would much rather listen to this a few more times than be subjected to the keening salsa-prog of say mars volta.......

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Vuelta wrap up

I really slept on this race this year. Missed Angilru. At least it will be fresh when I am zoning out on trainer rides in January.
Contador wins all Three Grand Tours in a 15 month span!. 2 in one year is a feat in and of it self. What excuse will they have to keep him away from the Tour next year?
Gesnick cracked the top ten and Mosquera was the surprise Revelation. Knives come out in the Sastre/Riis war of words.
Don't forget Jens Voigt won tour of Poland. Where there was snow! Snow? Get those rides in now, it's coming.
While these guys were racing, I was discovering how bad my legs have become. I have been off the bike and mainly running for about 3 weeks. Jumped on today. BPLs. Bike Path Legs. No power.
This blog got me stoked as did cyclocross mags video section. Check the Adam Craig crash. Going high on that wet track was not so sweet.