Monday, October 13, 2008

Gloucester II

again, you can see here why I am not a race photographer....

Best bikes? Saw a Wilier cross frame. And a couple Spiuks that looked cool.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gloucester Field Trip

Went up to Gloucester for the cross race today. Warm and sunny, Perfect fall day. 100 plus starters for the 4 race is an indication that cross is popular in NE. Full day of racing.

, Parlee, and Maietta all had bikes on display. The Parlees had deep dish Edge wheels with giant Parlee logos that looked sick. Their cross bike is totally over the top and rad. Maietta was new to me and had this cool frame on display.

Treborn's bike looks big sitting there and still looks big with him on it.

and still looks big with him on it....

Watched all of the elite men and women. Both Dombroksi and Treborn were dominate. The Treborn Johnson battle was pretty epic, but Treborn had the final blow when he opened up a ridiculous gap with 2 to go. He held enough to basically free wheel across the finish line. A good sign for his upcoming European vacation.
Here are some other random bad race photos shot from the north side run up and beer garden.

A beer garden and real bathrooms(no porta potty nightmares)! Big day out.
My computer is acting up so I will dump some more photos tomorrow.
Watching cross and not racing it is kind of like watching a porno. It is cool to look at, but more fun to do. I can't believe I have to wait until next year to try this out!