Monday, January 31, 2011

how come?

Every year at classics time, there are hundreds of articles on spring classic tech. They generally rehash the same tired factoids(wider tires, double bar tape, chain watcher, etc) with tons of photos of fmbs on mavics classics pro wheels and other rebranded goodies.
There is no equivalent in cyclocross-especially at Worlds. There were 2 big deals I can think of this year. Nys on the Michelin/Dugasts and the Pipisquallos that Vos was running. Am I really supposed to believe that was the only thing going on under the radar?
Cross has way more access to the bikes, the pits, the real deal? Why is there so little uber secret photo leaks and undercover journalism?
People need to get on it.
Somewhat related, did anyone run disc brakes this year? Was it the lack of forks? When(if?) will we see them at the top levels?