Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bettini on the track

Do you think this is a stock Langster?
Those wheels are as out of control as his helmet.
There is also a good Berlusconi joke caption in here. Maybe, "put it down, it's not real gold"................

Crucial quote from Ballan
"Mamma Mia. It is better not to look," said Alessandro Ballan to La Gazzetta dello Sport when observing the banking of the short track. "Let's say, for a velodrome, it would be enough if I only rode the one at the end of Roubaix. Anyway, I will try to better myself – at least I hope."

props to for the story and photo

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ghostface Killah Doll

Anyone can have a blog(as demonstrated here) and almost anyone can get an action figure made, but how many people can get their doll a blog? Always a trend setter, Ghostface made sure his figure gets love and it's own blog. Check it and good luck getting your own Ghost doll!
Good look for Ghostdini

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Xasthur VS Jandek

How long will it take for people to make the Xasthur Jandek connection? Loners who keep putting out the same record again and again and again. If the Jandek comparison holds, Malefic is in for a very long career as people seem more than happy to buy 20 plus Jandek records and still wait anxiously for the next. The blurrier the photo the better. Don't believe me? Play "defective epitaph" back to back with "sublimanl genocide" or "sgt corpse paint's lonely one man band" or whichever you choose. Vocals buried behind distorto feedback? Check. Plodding mid tempos? Check. Same drooling fans that grab it while still hot off the presses and spend hours analyzing it looking for clues. Check.
Musically they even explore similar plodding atonal depressive universe of sound.
As for me, I think one Xasthur record is more than enough and I would rather listen to Leviathan.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Universtiy of Illinoise Basketball Band Smith Walbridge LP

1979 was a good year for the University of Illinois' Basketball Band. Under the direction of Smith and Walbridge, they tackle so classics like Soul Man,Boogie Oogie Oogie and more. Yes there are breaks, not the thousand dollar kind, but breaks none the less. The "Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto" has a wicked groove at the intro.
Worth it for Soul Man which would be a mix tape moment supreme. Side Two keeps it hopping with the Boogie Ooggie Oggie into Macho Man into YMCA medely which is also fodder for mix tapes.
The breakdown in BOO is pretty wicked.
Some Lord of the rings references and a killer title "he's the wizard" on side two.
You often see college and high school band records like this going for big money and they are rarely worth it, but if you do ever see this one for 5 and under, it's worth your money.