Saturday, May 14, 2011

Underdog and a trip down memory lane

The Underdog 7" was one of my favorite records back in 87. Got it in the mail. it was so good I mail ordered every record New Beginning put out. Even took it to college. And that is were things went wrong. There was some random NJ skinhead that wanted to be friends with the skaters. He loved all the lunkhead NYHC stuff and he loaned me the Warzone 7" and the Sick of it All 7" too. For whatever reason, he didn't have this so he borrowed it. But he never seemed ready to return it. Til finally he admitted that he broke it one night when he was drunk. Don't know if he threw it or stepped on it or what, but when I got it back, it had a big chunk missing out of it. I liked the record so much, I still kept it. After about 20 years, I sold the cover on Ebay and exorcised that demon of a bad memory.
This dude was the primary reason I never liked skinheads or New Jersey.

Appreciate the Boston cover in the video, if you didn't make it that far.