Saturday, January 12, 2008

Trainer Trash

It is that time of year when you spend seemingly endless hours riding the rollers or the trainer trying to be ready for the good weather and open roads.
Any distraction is welcome and TV and DVDs are a must. I have watched way too many hours of bike races while pedaling along like Pavlov's zombie. Skateboarding videos are good, but not always long enough-cause once the feature ends so should the training session.
There is a relatively new genre that I have found to be perfect -the cyclocross documentary. Has race footage and interviews and other things. Much better than watching Roubaix 94 again or waiting for a sprint finish in Grand Tour X 20__ You can choose from Pure,Sweat,Hell, Transition one or two, cyclofile. That is a lot of coverage.
Pure Sweet Hell is like a classic indie rock video. Music is all Northwest style. Lots of super 8. Shows some killer 70s/80s footage. A classic. Excellent on the trainer cause it's arty enough to keep you focussed and watching the techniques.
Transition 1 is like Bob Seger "turn the page" but about bike racing. Being a pro rules but it sucks. But as bad as it is, who wouldn't trade places with their favorite pro or rocker?
Transition 2 is my favorite. US guys make a Euro assualt. Giant Belgian vending machines, Trebon berating juniors for eating too much. The sequel is better than the original. This is my favorite of the bunch
Cyclofile has some killer segments, but the narrator needs to be hung. This one reminds me of the early 411 skate videos, but this dude is no Lance Mountain.
So you know you have at least 20 hours of trainer time coming, go grab one of these you won't be sorry. Otherwise you better grab Pray for Me and start pedaling!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Bliss Return to Bliss LP

This is thee first record I've gotten from Void Records, but it is their 44th release/rerelease of obscuro late 60s/early 70s rock. Based on the cover art, Bliss were missing the peace train and caught up in the poltical/racial turmoil of the times. 8 songs
Bliss are a power trio who rock out with some blues psych rock. They want to take you on a ride on the "Music Train". Some stand out songs and songtitles. Some Sabbathy psuedo religous lyrical waxing on "Nothing in Life" which works a kind of Planet Caravan ham handed Santana groove. Handsdown the main reason I grabbed this was for the song title "Hippies,Cops, and a Bunch of Rocks"
Void Records releases can be found throught forced exposure and at their ebay store