Sunday, October 28, 2007

Murari Band Dreaming LP Krsna Rock Part 22

This was an odd one for the Krsna series. 1981 recording puts it much later than the rest of the things recorded so far. Southern locale as well(Atlanta GA) separates it from the predominantly west coast origin of many previously reviewed records. No sign of Michael Cassidy or Hansadutta. The cover is an amazing drawing with what looks like Queen Elizabeth and Prabu in it as well as a cobra and a mushroom cloud. Super trippy. Are they named after the Tennesse Krsna temple/farm?
This is Murari's 2nd LP(and yes I am looking for the 1st one). 8 songs with alternating male and female vocals.
Female vocalist, Lynda Hynes, has a kind of Country Folk Rock feel.
"Can Somebody Tell Me" has a dude stepping to the mike for a very Bad Companyish track. Not bad.
Side Two opens with "Poltical Man" and they try to pump up the tempo a little-think the Eagles not Black Flag.
Nice lazy country rock shuffle with male/female vocals on "Things ain't what they used to be".
Overall side 2 is the winner.
Each song has a sort of "purport" breaking down the lyrics which are pretty straight forward.
This is not a terrible country-rock record, but it is an odd ball for 81. Laugh knowingly if anyone tries to sell you on this as some "acid-folk" or something cause it is not. It seems that despite being a "cult" with a wild history in America, the Krishnas have made some really mainstream records-just like this.
According to this review which came with liner notes, they had 3 records plus books! Damn I have got to keep searching. There also appears to be another version with different artwork-some serious airbrush action puts the mushroom cloud front and center with no Queen Elizabeth to be seen.
At least one member is still active.