Saturday, February 21, 2009

Eagle Eye

Keen eye for detail and a love of conspirary.
What is up with the Garmin Hunchbacks?
The truth is out there.

Stick to the Plan

I think the main reason, I would get a cyling coach is so I could just get a workout schedule and bang through it like a zombie. It is double torture trying to set up a training block and worrying about everything and then having to do the workouts as well.
Woke up this morning and it was cold. Rain predicted for tomorrow. Had planned a three hour ride. Was really looking for excuses not to roll out, but just suited up early and headed out to get it done. Looks like that was the right move. Went solo-which sucks. I think rides over 2 hours should be group rides-just to keep it interesting. I don't usually ride with an IPod, but did so last week and it is a nicer than listening to the voices in my head. Surprisingly(maybe only to me), reggae makes for good background music compared to the more hectic jams I usually inflict on myself. From Sizzla to Joe Gibbs to Jimmy Cliff or the Slickers, it all seems to good. Maybe the reggae was in tribute to my wife who was chilling in Negrill eating Ital with the dreads. Either way the musical accompaniement was good while it lasted. About 30 minutes into the ride, my cheap headphones gave up the ghost. Oh well.
Another new thing for this ride was "toe warmers". I have never used them, but people love to give them as presents so I figured why not-it's 27 degrees give them a try. They did the job, but were way more mellow than I would have guessed. They seemed to be on their last legs when I took them out of my shoes so I don't know about these six hour claims. Ipods and toe warmers-old dog, new tricks.
It is scary all the places your mind will wander when you are just cruising over roads you've ridden hundreds of times. From taxation to tubulars and back around the bend again. Probably should talk to myself.
Did have one good scare, coming to the end of Strawberry Hill,there was what looked like water and melting runoff in the road, I was munching a bar when I hit it and the bike started hopping and jumping over a slush/ice/water mix. Didn't require epic handling skills, but visions of a crash got my HR up. Hardly anyone out.
By the time I was rolling in, it was 10 degrees warmer and it turned out to be nice day. Moral of the story-if you are going to stress yourself out writing training plans, just stick to the plan and get it done.
Especially with less than 56 days til Battankill Roubaix. That is less than 40 workouts. Just started a tempo block. Tempo workouts are maybe the worst interval. 70ish RPM with a not so high HR. Very long and boring. Time seems to drrraaaagggg.
So tomorrow's challenge will be weather vs. trainer?

I can't believe the body count from TOC-it is worse than Tirreno-Adriatico. Freire and Kirchen both will miss major spring objectives. I wonder if they will be back? Maybe pusing it closer to the Giro would be a good move-cause the weather and the crashes are going to scare away the big guns
Astana is having a good early season-Portugal looks to be under Contador's control and Levi will win his race for the year.
Katusha and Cervelo are also off to good starts.
Cannot wait for the classics. Het Volk (I know it has a new name, but Het Nieuwsblad doesn't really roll of the tongue)next week!!! Spring is almost here.
So lots of the early season races with odd names are springing up. Trofeo Laigueglia win goes to Ginnani from Diquigiovanni-Androni(thanks cut and paste). These races are going to be like the pro tour for teams like them and Aqua Sapone. This race was no slouch Ballan, Pozzatto, Rebellin,DiLuca, Visconti, Garzelli, Soler etc. Have to mention Steve Cummings just to single out his demented 800 calorie a day and still train hell diet. Lots of coffee. Check it out in Cycle-Sport.
Then up in France you have the Tour de Haut Var. 2 days 2 stages-the kind of race JV was threatening to send Danielson to last year.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thor Strikes

"Hayden Roulston started it with a little more than one kilometer to go, then Dominique Rollin pulled into the last corner," said Hushovd. "Then Brett Lancaster took over after the last corner, and I passed him with about 150 meters to go..." says Thor.
So Roulston to Rollin to Lancaster to you. That is a no joke lead out train.

Cervelo are definitely doing their part as a new team to earn some wildcard invites.
But can they keep it up all season long?

Horner is blogging for the cycling friendly Oregonian. Check it
Between the twitter and blogs, there is such unreal coverage of races.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fanboy Video Rampage

The stage is huge. Trying to make a list of 15 influential records got me OD'ing on Lungfish/Higgs footage....

epic appalachian raga. face the facts you are a suburban nerd.

the list is hundreds long

the stork

We all thought the Stork was brain damaged.

No wonder Rabo have fines for not wearing a helmet. Cover up that cut.

Times Change

With all the focus on the TOC, it was easy to lose site of another early season race, the Ruta del Sol. Evans,Dekekr,Hoste,Menchov,Flecha,Nuyen,Rebellin,Steegmans,Pozzatto, Geerdemen, and Sanchez are some of the big dogs so that race is no joke, but the Cali overload has knocked this 5 day stage race well off the front page. I guess it makes it like a more traditional early season "race into shape" type race.
Also going under the radar were/are the Tour de Med and the Volta Algarve.
With TDU, Qatar, and TOC forcing teams to up the quality early in the season these more traditional races seem to be getting the short end of the stick. It opens the door for the Continental teams to step it up.

Where is Ivan Dominguez? He signed to Fuji-Servietto and seems to have disappeared?