Saturday, March 24, 2007

Milan San Remo -foiled again

1 Oscar Freire (Spa) Rabobank
2 Allan Davis (Aus) Discovery Channel
3 Tom Boonen (Bel) Quickstep-Innergetic
4 Robbie McEwen (Aus) Predictor-Lotto
5 Stuart O'Grady (Aus) Team CSC
6 Erik Zabel (Ger) Milram
7 Gabriele Balducci (Ita) Acqua & Sapone-Caffè Mokambo
8 Alessandro Petacchi (Ita) Milram

Looks like I am 2 for 5 with the placings all wrong as far as my predictions. Good finish for Allan Davis. Lampre and Liquigas looked on track to snatch a victory, but it wasn't to be.

Merciless Death Evil in the Night CD

Retro Thrash done perfectly. 8 tracks on Heavy Artillery. Let's start with the packaging. Repka cover? Check. Massive photo collage? Check. "Much Hate" to posers? Check. Sleeveless denim jacket? Check. Massive white hightops? Check. Super long thanks list that list all their favorite bands? Check.
Now how about the music? A heavy Kreator influence and definite early Slayer. They also seem to love Suicidal Tendencies. Super catchy trash metal. Raging and relentless. This should make you want to brain the local pot dealer with nunchuks and steal his weed or drive around in you suped up VW until you pass out. Even thought these guys are clearly under the spell of the old masters, they are not recycling riffs or borrowing songs.
The vocals are pretty standard thrash shouts, but I would imagine some people might not dig the guys vocals. I think they are rad.
26 minutes of fury.
Check them on myspace if you want merch or tour dates

Friday, March 23, 2007

Eccentric Soul Twinight' Lunar Rotation 2CD!

Numero number 13 brings a double disc of Eccentric Soul from Chicago. Extensive liner notes on the enterprises of Bendo-Wright. 2 gentleman who seemed to be everywhere behind the scenes on many soul and R&B classics. This also tells the tale of Syl Johnson the labels sole hitmaker. This is an epic, lots of info, lots of tracks-40 to be exact. There aren't any clunkers, but I am only going to single out my favorite tracks.
Annette Poindexter's "Mama"from 1970 has a cool string section driving the song forward with female vocals that are not too far from Mike Jackson. The song isn't much besides drums, guitar,strings, and vocals. Cool. Mystiques "So good to have you home" has a cool rambling piano riff that sets it apart from other ballads. Piece of Peace's "pass it on part one" is a stand out track and their story is pretty interesting. Especially the claim the Young-Holt Unlimited "Soulful Strut" on Brunswick was actually played by them. Dynamic Tints "Be my Lady" is a killer mid tempo track with good group vocals -accent on the baritone. These records all seem to be loosely united by the punchy horns, strings, and piano that seem to crop up regularly. The tracks all seem to be slightly ahead of their time with arrangements that hint at what is going break in a couple years. Harrison and the Majestic Kind bring in "Can you find me love". He sounds like a traditional soul shouter coming in over a proto funk track with some wahwah/reverbed guitar and horns with a nice breakdown. This would be a 45 you would bug out if you found. The Notations drop an uptempo falsetto number called "Lonely People" from 1971 that is super catchy and might have cribbed a little from a Tom Jone's hit.... If you ever "loved someone that don't love you", then the Kaldirons have crafted you anthem. If you still don't feel satisfied after that "Powerful Love" should channel some Ike and Tina or Otis and make you feel alright. Thanks Chuck and Mac. Two serious black cowboys.
Dynamic Tints are back on disc B with "Rosemarie" a psychedelic Tempatation's style jam-this is the first track guaranteed to make a mixtape. Up next the Kaldirons keep it moving with "You and me baby". The piano intro on The Perfection's "why do you want to make me sad" gives way to a killer Motown influenced track. Johnny Williams track comes from 67 and is a pretty good shouter about being at the "breaking point" with his love. Careful playing Renaldo Domino's "Nevermore" after a few drinks if your broken hearted. "Goin' Man Hunting" should be a bachlerete party anthem. So sweet, Reanldo Domino is not afraid to drop up beat pop nuggets like "Two Years Four Days" which is over 16,000 hours! Jimmy Jones closes it out but this is not the Capo's dad or anything and it ain't no Harlem World track.
The bulk of these tracks clock in at around 2:30 so whether ballad or dancer they don't waste your time. Pop this on the Ipod and you will not be skipping many tracks when they come up on shuffle.
Big Ups to Numero Group for once again shedding light on a killer label.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bob and Gene "If this world was mine" cd Daptone

A well done reissue by Daptone Reocords of this Buffalo NY duo. 12 tracks with 8 pages of liner notes. This reissue seems to have come after the hard work of "soul music historian" David Grifftith. If he hadn't done the footwork this would have been a truly lost album. So respect for that. The cover kicks ass, but would have been so much better if they were holding pipes! Now on to the music. Heavy on the ballads and tear jerkers, with a Motown feel that reminds me a little of Smokey Robinson.
"Your Name" is a solid upbeat dancer with good drums. Same goes for "Somebody's doin it(WAR)" where the guitar steps up at the end. It's no surprise that I gravitate towards the upbeat numbers.
"la la la la" might mean "I love you" to somebody, but to Bob&Gene it means "You don't need me".
There is also a 45 reissue available with a nice MO DO records label replica (as in 'I need more dough') and of course Bob and Gene are on MYSPACE..........

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hansadutta Swami Nothing to Lose LP Krishna Rock Part 11

I got a 2nd Hansadutta LP online. While waiting for it I double checked the book "Monkey on a Stick" for any mention of Hansadutta. Not only was he mentioned, but there are several pages(239-242) devoted to his musical recordings which focus on the ego maniacal aspect of it. It also seems to confirm that he used Studio musicians rather than talented devotees.
Then this record arrived "Nothing to Lose but all to Gain" 5 songs on Hansa Associates Productions(1978) Recorded in Berkely, but unlike the other record I reviewed which was recorded in 79, this one appears to have Krishnas playing Bass, Violin, and Drums. Hansadutta both sings and is credited with guitar! The liner notes claim these are the only instruments.
The opening track's title should be familiar to any 108 fans "Holy Name". It is a pretty amazing country swing with 3 minutes worth of rhyming couplets being sung for 11 and a half minutes. Hansa warbling somewhere between Daniel Johnston and John Lennon with an English as a second language inflection. Right off the bat this is much stronger than his other album. The next track has a title worthy of a Leviathan song, "In Fear of thee the Wind Blows". It is another waltz with the untouchable Hansadutta style of trying to jam too many syllables per verse and some very painful attempts to hold notes as he sings. So after that one two punch it is on to side 2.
"Most Weird Abode" opens up side 2 and some of the vocab in the lyrics should be familiar to any Cro-Mags fan. The highlight of this track is the bass player stepping it up near the end of the track. The playing almost reminds me of the country bar scene in the blues brothers when the band jams on the extended "rawhide", but with no skills. Essentially this is the same song 5 times with different lyrics. It has all the same flaws of his other lp but is some how more endearing.
In a previous post I had hoped someone would send me the Hara Krishna Blue Cheer, but I think I would be happier with a HK Stevie Wonder. It might be that Krishna wouldn't positively impact music until the hardcore scene of the late 80s/early 90s, but more research is needed to prove this.

Milan San Remo Predictions

Hard not to tip Pozzatto for the win, but rarely do guys win 2 years in a row (unless your Merckx). Quickstep seems to have an uphill battle with Bettini and Boonen banged up. Quickstep always seem to get the wins that matter, but given the injuries, I am going to bet against them. Lampre also has to strong chances with Bennati or Ballan.
Rabobank is sending a strong group with Freier, Flecha, Léon van Bon, and Max van Heeswijk. All capable of setting up a sprint or powering a breakaway.
I don't expect a sprint finish as none of the sprinters teams (Milram,Lotto,etc) seem especially strong this season, but you never know. A very long nervous race.

So to cut to the chase my podium predictions are Pozzatto,Bennati, and O'Grady (this is the heart pick not the head -but he has been quietly consistent all season. Filling out the top five will be Schleck and Freire.
If I keep guessing I might eventually call one right...........

Shira "sing him a song" b/w "krishna 45 Krishna Rock Part 10

Another Happenings level 45. Krishna is name checked but that is about it. Pretty standard pop psych. Most exciting aspect is the name of the producer-Skip Drinkwater. I am sure some more research would dig up some fun tidbit, but nothing from a google search seemed to warrant further examination.
In more exciting news I grabbed another copy of the Golden Avatar LP in a local store for a $3 and have a copy of "hara krsna stomp" coming in the mail anyday.

Thralldom Steering the Vessel LP

Some serious Italian packaging Gold vinyl, Gold insert, Gold print on the cover. But this is some demented shit, not a Sopranos soundtrack. An Unearthly Trance side project featuring the cleverly named Kilusion and his pal Jaldagar. A lot of electronics and layered samples on track one, give way to a more traditional black metal guitar and vocal approach on the second track. Productions is surprisingly strong which. The combination of size and type render the insert/lyric sheet unreadable to my eyes. Definitely stands out in a see of more generic "black metal". The samples continue and help add to the kind of overwhelming wave of noise they are dropping on you. Has a very NYC suffocating kind of depressing vibe throughout that at times in reminiscent of NYC oldtimers the Swans or Unsane. Anything but generic black metal, this is a great record. Available from Profound Lore.

Carlos Malcom Rukumbine B/W Jack the Ripper

Picked this up in a thrift shop a few years ago. Set me back a buck. I was doubtful it would pan out, but something about the song title "Rukumbine" was ringing bells. Maybe an old ska track? I vaguely recognized the name and was trying to remember the name of a "Jamaican Jazz" comp cd that I had gotten, but not luck. Carlos Maclom and His Afro-Jamaican Rhythm pressed by "WIRL" Jamaica was the info I had to work with. If it wasn't ska, hopefully it would be a cool calypso type vibe or something. Well it was to my ears "proto" or "pre" ska. A little research made it clear he was a ska pioneer contemporary of Don Drummond and "rukumbine" was a hit in Jamaica around 1963. He also allegedly wrote music for the James Bond film "DR. NO". He is still kicking it and has a website I don't know what comp or radio show I heard this on that lodged in the back of my mind, but I am thankful.
The unsolvable mystery for me is how did this end up in an thrift shop in Dennisport?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ted Leo Living with the Living

Ted Leo has been a musical force for as long as I can remember whether it's doing all request cover sets at Brown with Chisel or doing solo Lungfish covers with his crazy tape machines. Impeccable taste in music and musical talent to back up his record collection. Whether it's Mayfield, Ruts, Dischord he seems to sample the best of music history. He also maintains a good site and blog. There are a handful of bands and artists that I support no question and Ted is one. So a record review is going to be biased, but who cares this is what he is up to. 15 new songs and an additional 5 song ep. The politics of the day and state of affairs in the world weight heavy on his mind.
Some more overtly anglo-file touches whether dub or nervous anglo-funk collide with some extremely catchy riffs and choruses that sound like US power pop and maybe even a little Springsteen (or maybe Rick Springfield since there is no sax. Alright that's not fair but listen to track #3). Also seems to give a nod back to DC more clearly than some of his other records. Like all his records the songs are catchy and sneak up on you if they don't grab you right away.
In a fucked up world it is easy to write cynical songs. It takes a strong person to keep cranking out anthems and smart, hopeful songs while not ignoring what's going on.

Tirreno Adriatico Wrap UP

Kloden gets the overall win for Astana at Tirenno-Adriatico. This race was once again plagued by crashes. Also an odd race when a not so svelte Salvetorre Comeesso wins the "mountains" competition. Milan San Remo comes up this weekend as well as a few smaller Belgian races.
My picks did better in this race than in Paris Nice, but I have yet to get a podium spot. Full results aren't out yet, but I think I've got 2 in the top 10

In more charitable cycling news, I saw this website mentioned over at Velonews. Worldbicyclerelief Looks like a worthwhile way to help people. Just cash not bike donations

But let's not forget about local heroes Bikes Not Bombs in JP who have been doing something similar for S.America and Boston. BNB's takes old bikes and parts and has local kids learn to fix them. The repaired bikes then go to S. America. Kids who work on bikes can also earn a bike of their own. Sweat Equity.

And for the "I believe Tyler" contingent, he will be racing the Tour of Gergia next month.

Atlantic Recods 45 double shot

2 mono/stereo one song 45s from Atlantic Yusef Lateef drops "Superfine" and Herbie Mann brings us "waterbed".
Yuseef's tune is an upbeat tenor sax and piano workout from 1973. Seems to almost dance around a ragtime/"down by the riverside" type rhythm. Some odd low in the mix vocals. Not unlike the LP I reviewed recently. Interesting but not essential.

Herbie Mann's track comes from 1975 and probably was simpatico with the waterbeds and swinging singles scene of that era. We got some Wah-Wah guitars, some female vocals and the hirsute flautist doing his thing over a disco/funk groove. Funny and a period piece that does not stand the test of time. This could make the cut for a bedroom booty jam mix.

At 50 cents a pop, I don't feel ripped off, but don't think I'll be pulling them out anytime soon.

Benediction Moon Classic Kirtans Hara Krishna Rock #9

I was doing some more online digging in my quest to gather more krishna records. I did a google image search for Benediction Moon and came across this image When I tried to jump to the site, it was not longer up on the store page. So like anyone on a quest, after be rebuffed once I pushed on and emailed the site to see if it was still available hidden in a back room. I was really intrigued by what might be on this tape and any further leads it might give me. The cassette itself is no longer available, but someone was kind enough to put together a 2 disc compilation covering the "Classic Kirtans of the 70s". And right there track number 20 was over an hour of Benediction Moon chanting "Bengali Bhajans at Mayapur Fest 1976. No acid folk or pseudo rock. Just call and response Kirtan chanting with some drums and that accordion like thing. Occasionally you pick up what sounds like and Aussie accent in the chanters. The lead chanter has a pretty charismatic over the top style of chanting.
I am still trying to contact anyone from this group, but thus far this has been my only reward. My only other research item of note is this recipe for "Benediction Moon Samosas "

Monday, March 19, 2007

I destroyed your love parts one and two 45

Baed on the song title, I was hoping for something like KISS, but that was not to be. Somewhere Prince and Hall and Oates wrote a song together and magically delivered it to Special Delivery who put out "I destroyed your love" parts one and two on mainstream records. A mid tempo tear jerker with a spoken interlude on part two. Nice high vocals and some harmonies. Some of the falsetto work has a over the top Prince feel while the music and harmonies are total Hall and Oates. I will leave it to you to decide if that is good or bad, but it was not what I was expecting at all. Slow Jam at a high school dance. A Red Lion production from 1975 on Mainstream records. Terry Huff is the writer and Van McCoy is listed for publishing.

Samhain Last Gasp Live and Demos 45 85-86

4 songs of live and rare Samhain. "BloodFeast" and "To walk the Night" are the live tracks that make up side A. Side B is the studio demos/ "Lord of the Lefthand" an unreleased track and an alternative take of "November Fire". Slight difference in the vocals being the main difference. Sound quality is excellent on the studio and surprisingly good for the live side.
White Vinyl, No Label. Good cover photo. Not essential, but better than a lot of Misfits junk that gets peddled as "rare". Flex discography gives it a thumbs up and there is some additional bootleg nerd pressing info here Now somebody put together that Danzig's first record outtakes record.

Bay Area Funk2 comp 45

Soft Touch and Dawn and Sunset are the acts on this Luv'N Haight reissue. A sampler from the CD comp Bay Area Funk2 which marks LNH's 50th release. "move in the room" is Dawn and the Sunset's track. A guitar and organ driven song heavy on the wah-wah. He's in a room with his baby and she is making breakfast.... repeat. Soft Touch drop "Plenty Action" which sounds like DJ Shadow has already sampled it. This song breaks down the dangers of all the available woman.
Good 45 from a good comp from a good label.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Paris Nice Wrap Up

Alberto Contador gets the stage and the overall win in Paris Nice. It all came down to today's stage and Contador took charge and one after breaking away. Discovery notches another stage race win. How about my picks? Shleck came in best at 8th, Leiphemer at 26th, and Mayo DNF. Mayo is like the new Botero or Beloki. How long til the clock runs out for him? Sammy Sanchez and Tadej Valjavec both rode quite well, hopefully setting Sanchez up for a good classics campaign.
Paris Nice is over but Tirreno Adriatico goes on til Tuesday. Today's ITT was won by Gerolsteiner's Stefan Schumacher which gave him the overall lead, but Astana's Kloden and Vinokourov sit in 2nd and 3rd 3 and 9 seconds back.
Bettini is still hurting from his crass and rode the ITT on his regular road bike. Hamilton's performance is being blamed on the "flu". Hope it's not the same stomach flu he had 2 plus years ago when he left the Vuelta.....
Tomorrow's hilly stage could decide the race and I wouldn't want to have to be Gerlosteiner and try and defend against the Astana one-two punch which was very effective last year at the Vuelta.
My picks for this race sit in 5th, 6th, and 14th anywhere from 26 seconds to a minute back. Voigt might be able to battle his way up if he can get in the right break.....Hope springs eternal

Midnight White Hot Fire 45

Midnight White Hot Fire B/W Endless Slut.45 on Outlaw records. Some kind of reissue of an obscure heavy metal band. NWOBHM influence is clear. "Endless slut" is a relentless fast rager. Clearly influenced by Venom, but with a punk/hardcore edge a la Broken Bones. "White Hot Fire" keeps it going. Primitive but super catchy and relentless. Not a lot of info on this band, but they might have had something to do with CO hard rock band Boulder who I don't know much about either. Midheaven Mailorder claims, "a one man black metal band shrouded in mystery, featuring a man known only as ATHENAR"??
There is a reissue CD and LP by this band. A little more info at this site. I will definitely be tracking down the reissue in some format.
A lot of "lost classics" and "from the underground vaults" records do not have the sound quality or talent to be worth you time, but this record makes you wonder why it wasn't a hit in its day. It is top shelf metal and a nice choice if you don't feel like throwing on Venom again.

Little Eva Harris "Get Ready/Uptight" 45

Not so much a medley as a one two punch of Motown classics, Little Eva Harris delivers with "Get Ready Uptight". Female vocals and a real lively sound from the band make this a keeper, that should get even the most uptight dancing. The productin is great and the drums are right up front in the mix. Flipside "Mr.Everything" is a Motown-style ode to her guy. If you see it, buy it. Spring Records #704 from 1968.