Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Betty LaVette Child of the Seventies CD

I generally steer clear of the "Rhino Handmade" scene as it seems to be populated by scalp collecting idiots who want to own artifacts rather than enjoy killer music, but even a pretentious shithead like myself will put his attitude in check when they drop a Betty LaVette record from the 69-70 era. I'll even buy it new.
I had high hopes for this and she delivers. 22 tracks of southern soul brilliance recorded in Muscle Shoals and sitting on the shelves until now(unless you got the 2000 euro only reissue...) Grab this and all her other records and the good news is you can still see her live.

the winner for now

Contador wins the TDF.... for now. Who knows when more Puerto documents leak.... Rasmussen,Vino,Sinkewitz,Mayo,Moreni. That is a lot of scalps, but still a small percentage of the peleton. Seems like all the "men in black" got dealt with.
Conspiracy of the week-Vino set up by the Russian mob who bet heavy against him and ratted him out....
The Mayo situation brings to mind a simple rule a friend of mine uses,"If you are under 30 with a receding hairline or balding problem, you are suspect". Holds up pretty well in field testing.
Vaughters transfer acquisitions seem mainly to get UCI points. Vandevelde and Zabriskie???-at least it's not Hincapie. Millar gets an ownership stake in the team? Seems like a Mini-LA move. How happy do you think Lance is in having an ownership stake in a team without a sponsor? Cofidis is gone next year. Astana must be too so that should leave a spot for a team to move up to the pro-tour(if the pro-tour still exists next year) which might push JV to grab more riders fast. He says a "recent Paris Roubaix winner" as well. Backsedt maybe? He seems bummed at Liquigas.... No way is it O'Grady,Boonen or Cancellara. I doubt the aging man from Brakel aka PVP would come back to America.
Losing a couple D1 teams should make the off season like musical chairs.
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Monday, July 30, 2007

Persausions We Came to Play LP

I am pretty much a sucker for buying records that have covers on them, so by the time I flipped over the Persuasions "We came to play" LP and got over the Penniman quote("You should never try and put a tuxedo on the funky blues") and the sweat suits(which were provided by Levy's of Jersey City), it was a done deal. Beatles, Curtis Mayfield,Motown, Sam Cooke. Done deal. I figured I was in for some 70s funk workouts,but I didn't expect a full blown doo-woop vocal assualt. If they were as good a basketball team as they were a vocal group that would have been a tough to beat team-even in Jeresy City or Orange(Respect to Eric Williams!)
Opening up with "Chain Gang" by Sam Cooke and closing it out 10 tracks later with "Let it Be" these 5 guys deliver the goods.
I guess they raised their profile by working with Frank Zappa, but this is some pretty traditional shit and not in some shity Sha-na-na fashion.