Saturday, April 25, 2009


Hour plus drive. Hour warm up. Felt good. Broken spoke in the first mile. Epic fail. First warm sunny perfect day of the year.
Had good fish tacos in Dover and thanks to Disfear, I managed not to smash my car into anything. Also resisted temptation to stop at random tattoo shop and get FTW tatooed on my forehead.
There's always the next race.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stinking Lizaveta Sacrifice and Bliss

This is the new cd by Stinking Lizavetta a band I had pigeonholed as a Dischord related jazz band from Philly. Then I moved on. The Dischord relation is tenous at best-a record released by Joe Lally and maybe some tours together. The jazz thing is a little more substantial but doesn't really hint at what you are getting here. They have also been putting out records since I pigeon holed them, and based on Sacrifice and Bliss, I am going to have to track the others down. This 10 song shredder is their sixth album on At a Loss Recordings There is a real SST Flag/Ginn vibe filtered through some riffing that reminds me of Left Insane of a more stoned Blast. But it is also done with more prog/fusion noodling. Somehow it works. Maybe a less ironic Fucking Champs? Simpy Saucer vs Black Flag vs Mahavishnu but as a 3 piece with no horns. But good.....
These people tour their asses off and this would be pretty sick to see live. Nice to see a band that is pretty self contained and self propelled. Play shows, put out records, repeat.
You also have to admire the sort of untamed oddness of the Papadopoulos brothers. They seem like they could be the house band at Bilenky's bike shop.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I guess this isn't really upstate, but it was a different state of mind. We were too sketched out to stop and take a picture of the "foreigners go home sign". They guy probably meant us anyway.

Knowing when the climbs and dirt were coming was supposed to be helpful.... Failed attempt at pro style below. At least the rain didn't wash it all away.

My career as a cycling photog is pretty weak. A careful scan of the front row will reveal all the riders who got called up. No call up for Tim Johnson or Adam Myerson?

Sram support. Always rad.

I pretty much gave up on the photos and just tried to enjoy the day.
I don't think the world needs another race report on this, but two things bear mentioning.
First off, I owe a giant debt of gratitude to the anyonmous hero who gave
me a bottle of water on MeetingHouse Road. A real American hero.
Second hats off to the 50 or 60+ Masters crew that rolled across the line
arguing. You think cyclists get less cranky as they age? Imagine racing
against the same guys for that long?
It lived up to it's reputation. Hard but worth it. Would do it again, but next time I want to hit Paris-Ancaster in Ontario the next day. Double the fun.

Parting thought. This race is tough, but I think it compares more to the Tro Bro Leon more than Roubaix. I guess Tro Bro Battankill doesn't really roll off the tongue.
The Tro Bro this year was won by BBox Bouyges youngster Said Haddou.