Saturday, December 8, 2007

"Aging" Tubulars Fact or Fiction?

Sitting on the bike in the basement during long winter nights, a variety of things pass through your mind as you try and keep yourself from getting bored.
I am a big fan of the Belgian Logic series on Velonews, and I wondered what other myths might be out there needing to be debunked.
There have been articles and news clips about "aging" tubular tires. Mechanics storing them in basements for a year or two to properly "cure" them for use. True/False? Works? Who knows. Tubulars like embrocation, leg shaving, etc have a mysterious romantic element that is as much fact as fiction, so in search of the truth, I posted the question to a couple cycling forums(#1, #2). Thanks to all who responded. Don't get to see the word shibboleth used too often. Even a quick search of Sheldon Browne's web world has Jobst Brandt shooting down the aging process as mythMakes sense to me, modern tires do not benefit from aging. Game over.