Saturday, September 12, 2009

rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6.....

Never knew there was a video for this.

Missing link between Rakim and Big L and Wu-Tang?

game over

Killing time on the interweb. Jeremy Honore gets worked on 09/09/9
Horrific crash. Look how little of his bike is left. Ughhh.

Friday, September 11, 2009

devil in the details.

"To put it more bluntly, the government is putting itself in the uncomfortable position of subsidizing both the costs of treating Type 2 diabetes and the consumption of high-fructose corn syrup."
Runs the quote from this Mark Pollen NY Times editorial. Worth a read as it highlights the real interconneted nature of health and food policy in a way that is a little more substantial than the "Obama is going to ban your twinkies" that town-hall disrupters are presenting.

Follow up from Atlantic Online here.
A highlight from Shell's piece
"While industry sponsored "pundits" and radio shock jocks rant on and on about "food nannies" limiting our "choices," for millions of low income Americans there is no real choice--they buy what they can afford, and what they can afford is predetermined by a politically driven agricultural and retailing system over which they have very little say or control."

80s Babies

Some primitive corpse paint at work? Classic track. I missed out on a lot of post-punk and English shit cause I thought it was "art-wing rock". Been catching up for years. Thanks to T.Stahle for posting the link on FB


Here is a record cover that looks like it should belong to 20 greatest hits of Flemish Cyclocoss.
Sadly it is just some jazz. Dusty Groove has the details. Gilson Unit is no relation to Curtis Jackson.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Youtube can be a hell of a thing.

Sublime (even for a solo dork in shades....)


another forgotten classic

One dude dead(RIP), one dude in Guns and Roses, the other dude a painter, and the final dude a singer/songwriter. Who would have guessed it. I don't know about the 81 tag on this video(Stink came out in 82 so it's possible), but it is killer none the less.

Another killer. This is what should have been playing on that radio in the boombox scene of that John Cusack movie....

Monday, September 7, 2009

Tubular Life Part 2

So I let the tires stretch, and stretch, and stretch. I was little nervous about gluing them and was having trouble balancing all the competing methods and practices.
I had originally planned to go with the full CXWorld belgian tape method. My cross guru brought up a couple good points against it, and that had me going back to the drawing board.
I decided on 4 coats of glue on the tires and rims-no tape. The next point of contention was the drying time between coats. Even with only a handful of reliable sources, there were variances of 23 hours. The shortest time between coats was 20 minutes. The longest was 24 hours.
Since I had already gone with my cross guru on one point, I decided to follow his methodology which was a coat of glue per day.
So ready to go I prepped my primitive work stations. I used a front fork to glue the rims and did the tires on empty wheel boxes. Ghetto fab.

Gluing was a four day fiesta. Although it was much more solemn-maybe a four day rite. The only problem was with only one coat per day, you don't spend enough time to work up into the full glue fueled extended ecstatic state. No time to crank up the Sunn and jump into the Park Tools robe. Doing a coat a day was pretty much 30 minutes a night until the grand finale. Only about an inning or so of sub par Red Sox action.
Day four was the day of reckoning. Would I end up glued to the tire? Would there be glue everywhere but where necessary? Would I lack the muscle to properly seat the tire? What would go wrong that I hadn't even thought of?
Properly stretched,the tires mounted pretty easily. Rookie jitters had me spooked, but the whole process was not to bad(this is subject to a post test ride review and inspection by those more skilled than I).
Let them dry and aqua sealed them the next day. Just have to put in some tire sealant and throw on a cassette and they are good to go. Took the front tire out for a spin and returned without incident.
Ready for Suckerbrook with 2 races to test them on.
Cannot wait to race these.
Ride review of wheels/tires/my mounting job will be up on Sunday after the Quad Cross race. Hopefully it will not be co-sponsered by the Fail-blog

Eddie Harris High Voltage LP

Atlantic jazz circa 69-73 has a real special place in my heart. It flirts with funk,soul,whatever but always manages to come up with it's own interpretation of the times. I thought this might have been limitted to Les McCann, but this Eddie Harris record keeps my faith in this time period alive.
I am not a fan or opponent to the "electric" angle of Eddie Harris. It never seemed super gimmicky to me and it doesn't get in the way of the tunes.
This LP opens up with a killer. Moving on Out. True,it's not Moving on Up, but what can you do? Next up is the killer "Funky Doo". The only thing stopping this from being a "rare groove" monster is the trippy effects at the end which really only make it more of a monster. This 2 song A side justifies the purchase of this LP on sight. The A side of this LP demonstrates all that is good about Atlantic jazz in this time period. It is funky but not generic, informed of it's era, but not bound to it.
Side 2 had 4 tracks. Some more straight ahead stuff and a nod to the tenors of old. Not as mind blowing as the A-side, but "Listen Here" keeps it moving.
It is pretty crazy to think that Atlantic was dropping this alongside Led Zep,Aretha, Do Covay, The MC5,and Roberta Flack.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

tubular teaser

Project is almost done.....
Full Report to follow....