Thursday, March 20, 2008

News you can use

Have to plug some blogs that have been brought to my attention recently.
Destroy Babylon is like a walk down memory lane for any aging skate/core-man. Hope they can keep up the breakneck pace down memory lane!
Metal Inquisition is killer-especially if you are searching for Anvil or Overkill documentaries. Too funny
Wrap it up with a ton of killer shots of Philly ramp action here at Wasted Days and call it a night.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Does Lance or Tiger or KG have anything to match this???
This would go nicely with some Budweiser Clamato. Check here for details.

The only thing I have in common with Eric Zabel

Right of the bat -don't get it twisted. I have the utmost respect for Eric Zabel. He races year round, did the right thing by his friend Altag, and is fast as fuck. I am psyched to have anything in common with him, I am just a little bummed it is a tragic euro hair style. Zabel since arriving at Milram has been rocking a bizzaro receding spiky flat top. Recently my hair has begun to resemble this. Especially after I take my helmet off. This leaves me with a few choices. O'Grady it. Karpets it. or I guess Wiggins it. Realistically O'Grady is my only real choice-I need to cut my hair more often-maybe treat hair cuts like interval workouts or leg shaving. Thank god he shares Zabel's good qualities-races year round, stand up guy, fast, etc. Of all the tragic euro hairstyles, the Zabel may not be that bad, but when you are blessed with hair everywhere but on your head, it just seems like another hour with the razor blade. Maybe I can half step and rock the Bettini and call it quits! Ah yes, the Bettini why didn't I think of that ( even if it is just a midpoint between the OGrady and the Zabel).
This approach definitely beats the hairline doping that Johan is guilty of! Then. Now. You decide. More definitive than Barry Bond's hat size? You decide.