Saturday, March 21, 2009


Cavendish wins and manages not to point at his boner. Cycling fans everywhere rejoice.

Video is already up of the finish at cyclingnews. Such a fast sketchy finale.

One out of three for my podium picks. Haussler is flying. Huge win for Cavendish.

Rapid Fire Music Dump

Jerusalem S/T reissued on Vintage/Rockadrome. 1972 discovered,produced, and svengali'd by Ian Gillian. This is some classic 70s rock. Anthems are the anti-war "I see the light" and the knuckle dragging "Primitive Man". 9 songs and 5 more bonus tracks (demos and singles). More Sabbath than Zeppelin, but they have their own sound. Tragically the song "Midnight Steamer" doesn't end up being about some late night deviant sex act, but you can't have evertying...........

Obits-New Rick Froberg band. Not unlike the Nightwatchers, Rick takes a familar formula and reinvents it with good results. Also like the Nighwatchers vein it has its highs and lows, but the hits make up for the misses. Sub Pop gets to put this one out. Graphics are awesome.

Tombs Winter Hours on Relapse. Crushing. Get it. I have raved about all their previous releases so just watch this if you are doubting

Extra Golden
Thank You Very Quickly. Some Afro-beat meets Chicago post rock and rather than a Graceland for Thrill Jockey , it is solid good listen. Not unlike the Ex with Getatchew Mekuria but more straight ahead(minus the anarcho yelping mainly). Worth your time.

New Breed tape comp was a classic. Website is pretty cool. Download it.

Sam McPheeters catches up with Doc Dart.... erhhh 26. Seems to be coping nicely in the post 9.11 world.

In a related music/literary note, the Oxford-American dropped its 10th music anniverary and included a double disc of music. Insect Trust blew my mind. Jerry Lee Lewis in a leisure suit on the cover might blow yours. Good Dock Boggs article too.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Krucial Kit

Chateau D'Ax Gatorade kit ruled. The green/black stuff is good, but the all green gear is unreal-even on Fignon.

MSR picks

With Cancellara, Freire, and Ballan all out it opens up the field.
I am going with Boonen,Gilbert(Lotto needs a big win), or Hushovd.
Top Italians Pozzatto Bennati and Visconti. Both Liquigas and Rabobank are fiedling strong teams, but I don't think they will prevail.
For such a long race it is pretty odd how its only the last 50K that really get you on the edge of your seat. I have always given this race less attention than other classics, but the finish is pretty amazing and the descent off the poggio is insane.

I miss Ferretti!


I miss Bettini too

Slacking Odds and Ends

If facebook is a gateway drug, Twitter is meth. Between that and trying to ride more, I have been slacking.
Watched the 05 Milan San Remo on the trainer last night. The last 50K of that race is insane. The climbs are super narrow and the descents-not for the faint of heart. Ready for Sat

Crucial info on old skatezines and (of course) a retrospective book. When will the nostalgia trip stop? Should underground history remain the realm of the packrats and archaeologists? Or is it good to repackage it and make it easily available to all? Based on the name of this blog, you know where I stand.

Complete your summer whites with these. Would a white sidewall have been overkill? Should come with a gallon of bleachy-white.

I know that when you want to be a top level cyclist you go to Europe, and I guess if you want to be an elite runner, you go to..... Kenya. Blog here and an article in Running Times as well. Some cool stories.

Less than 30 days til Battankill. Ouch