Saturday, September 1, 2007

2006 Three Peaks Cyclocross - Part 2

2006 Three Peaks Cyclocross - Part 1

Pariba Tires Tribute

I started buying Pariba tires when I started riding because they were always on sale. They went on with ease-some complained too easily and had a fantastic ride. Like all nice handmade tires, they didn't last forever and they had the chronic problems of strings from the casing unwinding off the sidewall, but even still they ruled and at the price you could get them for why complain? Handmade Euro rubber for less than 20 bucks??? Even cheaper if you could handle some ugly colors(maybe ideas like purple tires might explain why they are gone). I even ran some of the Pro-Courses in tan cause the price/performance factor outweighed the fugly factor-although they weren't any worse than the Michelin green that sprang up everywhere around this time. The Paris-Roubaix model was my default tire for a couple years, the ride was as godd as Vittoria's but for half the price. Just like Vittoria's they lost the their tread profile pretty fast, but they weren't as succeptable to cuts as the Vittorias (or Hutchinsons for that matter which seem to be cut magnets. Paribas opted for a tread rather than "dual compound" which also might have contributed to there falling out of favor.
At some point they got bought by Vredestien and got folded into that company. At about the same time, the supply of them began to dry up. Some research online looking for old tire photos seems to indicate the Paribas are still available in Europe, but they look to be budget/entry level models. Damn. I did see a review that you can check out can't tell how old it is, but I remember those tires.
The Paris Roubaix's had a much subtler tread pattern.
I have ridden a lot of tires since then (Hutchinson,Vittoria,Veloflex)-and most of them are good to great, but these I really miss.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Brand Nubian Time's Runnin' Out

Despite the overwhelming evidence, I do not push the "hip hop peaked in the early 90s" party line that may adhere to. NYC hip hop owned the early 90s, but plenty of good shit has come out since from all points on the compass.
One of my favorite MCs was Grand Puba from Brand Nubian. 2000 was a tour de force of game. But Puba got lumped with the "conscious" or "backpack" crowd and went under the radar for a few years. He had the blunted flow and word play but also a real cocky B-Boy attitude.
He's back with Lord Jamar,Sadat X, and Alamo. Beats are Jazzy NYC-just what you would expect. Uptempo rare groove samples. Brand Nubian deliver their classic formula -no frills, no updates, but they manage to keep it fresh while still being familiar.
My main point is Puba kills it so you should check this and go grab One for All, Reel to Reel, and 2000 if you don't have them.

Vuelta hopefuls

It is too early for predictions but I will be keeping close eye on V.Karpets (I don't think Pereiro has a chance),Brajkovic(who may have signed with T-Mobile for next year???),Devolder(who was hell bent on being at the Vuelta, and Sammy Sanchez who has been quiet after an impressive early season.
Cunego,Menchov,Evans, and Sastre are all obvious contenders.
Disco is bringing a strong team for their possible farewell race and CSC seems to be sending a B-Team behind Carlos. Lotto and Rabobank seem to have some depth as well.
With a lot of riders likely to bail out in preparation for the Worlds(Bettin,Boonen,Freire,Rebelin?? who else?), several teams will be left toothless for sprints or stages.
Over all it seems that the Vuelta suffers from a lack of big names, but this is a good thing as it serves to spotlight riders on the verge of a breakthrough. It at least forces you to keep an eye on different names and pay attention more.
The Vuelta has a much tougher first week than usual with a lot of climbing relative to flatter stages. Looks more suited to break aways and should provide some excitement for the GC crew

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

OG cycling mullet

For a guy that was world champion***, it is hard to believe that his hair is his true legacy. But looking at Vladi Karpets and others, how can you not give Brochard credit for his single handed defense of the mullet through the 90s? Even Jean-Claude Van Damme turned his back on this style.
You stay famous in France for small things-Virenque could climb, Durand would attack from the gun, and Laurent had the Mullet.
Thanks Laurent!

***Winning the 97 RR Championship while riding for Festina isn't proof that you were doping, but it is pretty close.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Wish I read Italian better.......

As the worlds approach, I wish I could read Italian better so I could enjoy the gossip and drama as laid out daily in La Gazzetta dello Sport. The intrigue and drama is just out of my reach,.
Franco Ballerini is the DS for the Italian National Team(but as pictured above he was also a beast of a classics rider). A position that ever year causes him to be at the center of drama,rumour, and treachery on a scale that is as epic as it is Italian. Remember Bettini vs Pettachi, Rebellin-is he in or out? Except the year everyone worked for Cippollini on a flat course, you never know what will happen on the road.
This year seems ripe for drama. DiLuca and Ballan have been having great seasons. Bettini and Rebellin not so much-but they will not be reduced to the role of domestique very easily.
Five are selected -Bettini,Ballan,Cuenego,Pozzatto, and Rebellin. The Stuttgart course could be good for all of them-it definitely doesn't eliminate any of them. That leaves four spots and 2 reserves. It is hard to imagine Ballerini leaving DiLuca off the team, but why add another potential leader to the team? They need some workhorse perhaps like Bruseghin aka "the donkey"
No matter what happens Italy will be putting a formidable line up on the start line and if they can work as team they should be unstoppable. But that is probably Ballerini's biggest task-to get them to work together.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Roots of Rock and Roll

The "origin of rock and roll", "the first rock and roll record", The "roots of rock". This subject is a nexus of debate for an argument so boring it makes you wish someone would douse the competing experts in gasoline while yodeling great balls of fire. Who cares who invented rock and roll just be happy they did. The only thing worse is competing experts arguing about which record marks the transition from rocksteady to lovers rock.
Regardless a quick read of Nick Tosches' Unsung Heros of Rock and Roll should get you fired up to check out these ancient pioneers. Tosches main thesis is that rock and roll turned to shit right about the time your grand parents probably got sick of fucking each other(in or around 53/54 to be more exact) So it was over before it started, or it was done by the time a bunch of white teenagers started howling about rock and roll. And this is more or less an argument everyone has-they just move the date that things started sucking after to suit their age or theory.
There are several comps covering this subject, but I picked up another recently. "Rock and Roll before Elvis,Before Little Richard,Before Chuck Berry,Bo Diddley, or Bill Haley" is the non-confrontational title of this double disc 44 track comp on Hoy Hoy LTD.
49-53 is the time frame. Most of the names you would expect to see are here (Joe Turner,Amos Milburn, Louis Prima, Ike Turner, Treniers,Wynonie Harris,etc) along with an army of couldas, wouldas, and shouldas. First time I played it through without paying too much attention and it was a good listening experience. FUN- no lags, no dogs, no skips. Throw it on and jump,jive,rock,roll,wail,stomp,shout, and boogie. While your at it don't forget to drink and dance.
Doc Sausage is probably the star of the of the unknowns. Especially since his track is "Sausage Rock"! Harry the Hipster, H-Bomb Ferguson, and "Fat Man" Humphries are no slouches either. Paul "HuckleBuck" Williams drops the super catchy "Rocking Chair Blues" and you better not confuse him with that creepy sorta albino dude with the same name. I wonder if there is similarly heated debate over the origin of the "hucklebuck"?
There was well known name on here that I didn't expect. Scatman Crothers apparently did more than act. Nice to know.
This comp has excellent liner notes and they dig deep to deliver the goods.
At the end of the day it doesn't matter what pre-50s roots of rock comp you get (or who invented rock and roll), just get one cause it will let you see that people were cutting loose after WW2. Do yourself a favor and get the Tosches book while your at it. It will help you realize how "old school" you really aren't.
If you can't track down this one there is a three cd set called "roots of rock and roll" that might be easier to find