Friday, December 26, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Goal One of 09 Accomplished

Got a spot in Battankill! Stoked. Time to get some miles in.

Sunday Morning

We had kicked around the idea of a Sunday morning ride. Brad was flying in late on Sat night and needed a bike. No problem, my winter bike is available. Except I hadn't really washed it or looked at it since about March.
So Sunday morning arrives and it is day three of snow. No Ride, but might as well get the winter bike ready for action.
So here is the evidence of how I spent my morning. Drive train started out barely turning and sounding like a bad coffee grinder. Finished off shiny and ready to ruin again.

Looks like this Sponge is getting retired soon.

In honor of the Saeco colors I wore these highly coveted Vans Saeco Super Marios.....

Looks like it will be Patriots and Porters today and maybe some time on the trainer.