Friday, July 3, 2009

Pontiak Maker CD

This came out a few months ago and it took me that long to throw it on. Glad I did.Some dudes(3 brothers?) on a farm jamming in a 12x12 room breaking amps. That seems to be how the lable is pitching it. A little bit of Dead Meadow, but more straight aheads. This has a little something for everyone-doomy, proggy, jammy, mathy,bluesy.Just a good rock record. Not a straight ahead rocker, but rocking nonetheless.Pefect for driving in the overcast drizzle that has engulfed the east coast. "Wild Knife Night Fight" is a hell of song title as well.
Not what I expected with ThrillJockey on the label.
Band Site.
Some older video. They have at least 2 other records out.

Who is a giant nerd?

Velonews Tech Feature Fail. Katusha ride Ridleys. Skil-Shimano ride Kogas. I need a life.
I am available to help out with tech-reporting for this years tour. Velonews, feel free to get in contact.


Hadn't thougth about these guys in a while. Thanks Nick S via Facebook.
From Honor Role to Breadwinner to Butterglove to Loincloth. NC Shredder.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Insult to Injury

How do you think Filippo Simeoni feel about Ceramica Flaminia's new signing? Imagine being replaced by Ricco? Salt on the wound. Doesn't really reflect that well on CF either, and I can't imagine it helps their chances of getting a Giro invite.

proto photo?

It's been a while since I squinted myself cross eyed looking at bikes for new bits, but this jumped out at me. Stealth Cervelo under Dan Fleeman. Huge tubes compared to any other Cervelo. Tour is coming up, so get ready to look for the prototype tech gear. His teammate Dan Lloyd looked to be on standard issue bike.

Was Wiggins trying to telegraph a solo break by wearing a skinsuit or did he just forget to pack regular kit?