Thursday, March 13, 2008

We Have you Surrounded.

Dirtbombs are back. You never know what to expect when you first listen to a new Dirtbombs record. This record could have made 2 killer 45s, but instead you get a good albume with a couple tracks that will have you reaching for the skip button. "Ever Loving Man" is text book Dirtbombs soul garage nirvana which feels like a rework of "pushing too hard". "I hear sirens" is up next as my second favorite track and the french lyric'd "fin du monde" closes things out on high note. In between you have Sparks and Dead Moon covers. The whole album as a the feel of "ultraglide through the 80s and 90s post punk and indie world". Not direct covers, but songs with strong nods towards a lot of bands. This band has a good enought record collection that they could probably sneak quite a few past you. "Wreck My Flow" might have worked better as an intstrumental. The goofy lyrics coupled with the throbbing anglo-disco groove is a little too much. Even the "bad" songs sound good.
Ultraglide in black might be record of the decade and this doesn't quite live up to that, but it is a better record than I may have made it sound.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fairies Wear Boots Part Two

Fairies Wear Boots

Rushing home from work, throwing on the full winter gear, and rushing out the door trying to squeeze in the maximum ride with the minimum daylight is a challenge. My shoe covers were crusted with sand and ice from the last time I rode and really looked like some dusty boots that Richie Blackmore should have been wearing, but there is no time to spruce up, just time to start pedaling.
Left with very little to focus on during this post work training ride, I found my mind drifting to the steady beat of my frog light as daylight faded away. Thinking about my dirty boots my mind locked into an endless loop of Faeries wear Boots. I cannot wait until I can blast home from work and only worry about finding a jersey that doesn't stink and not having to worry about leg warmers,booties, caps, gloves, etc. Maybe even enjoy some commuting to work without an 18lb backpack full of clothes. Soon but not soon enough

Mike Curb takes on the Stones

I have said it here before, that I am a sucker for oddball covers of classic rock and surf rock guru Mike Curb brings it on this LP covering 10 Stones songs
You get some stabbing horn work and some melodic flutes. "Standing in the Shadows" even has a marching band type feel to it.
No surprise that "honky tonk woman" is my favorite, but chances are one of your favorites is on here as well.

With this group Waterfall, Curb also released a "doors songbook" and a "CCR Songbook" lp that I will be looking for.

Cycling week

Echelons and Belgians are dominating Paris Nice so far, but the mountains come soon. Today the road kicks up and tomorrow is Ventoux so Thor's days in yellow should be over. Frank Schleck, Cadel Evans, and Carlos Barredo are all well placed around 3 minutes back. Cunego and Julich further back between 5-7 minutes. The wind and echelons played havoc with the field as just about half the field is over 10 minutes back after 2 flat stages! Ouch. Plent of breakaway candidates in this bunch including of course Jens Voigt. Slipstream was making a lot of noise about this being a major objective and have Trent Lowe and Vandevelde placed well enough to try something.
Tirreno-Adriatico kicks off today and this race seems to be as memorable for its crashes as its sprint finishes. Why High Road would send the crash magnet Hincapie here is hard to imagine. Maybe a Devolder,Karpets, or Ricco can go for the overall. I just hope that Bettini, Boonen, Backstedt, Cancelara and Ballan avoid crashes before the big April classics!
10 days til Milan San Remo! Not to mention Castilla y Leon,Settimana Classica, Dwars door Vlaanderen,G.P. Waregem, E3 Prijs Vlaanderen, and Critérium International to keep you occupied in March while we all wait for Flanders and Roubaix.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What she said......

Rapha socks

So, is indicating which sock goes on which foot a "refined high end feature"? Or is it just a bunch of dudes having a laugh at the expense of bike nerds with more money than brains? Do you increase drag if you put them on the wrong feet?
The conundrum of Rapha (not unlike Conan's riddle of steel), is that some how their ridiculously expensive cycling gear is cool and the equally exorbitant Assos is not.
Despite the excess stitching, these socks are recommened for their ability to shed the stink that often inhabits cycling gear. But they are not warm enough to go solo on cold days.