Saturday, August 7, 2010


I don't fall asleep with a book in my hand, every night, so some mouthbreather who's history lessons start and end with Glenn Beck can try and explain things to me.
I haven't spent most of my adult life paying attention, to have it thrown back in my face by people who can't even feel the leash and collar around their necks.
When you are ready to treat political discourse like something other than the WWF maybe we can talk.

Friday, August 6, 2010

zoroaster matador cd

I guess I am on a pre-cross, record review tear here. Zoroaster's new CD Matador is a surprise hit. Wasn't too impressed with their first record and with the glut of doom bands to check out, I was lucky to overlook my initial underwhelming, and give their sophomore release a spin. This is the opposite of the sophomore slump. Heavy for sure, but with a variety of good grooves and some major helpings of riffing and shredding. I prefer my doom with an anti-social edge and this delivers.
My favorite track, Trident, is almost in the Monster Magnet camp.
This is a keeper and definitely going to go into the cross season road trip selections. Can't say that about many other doom-lords. Nothing worse than zoning out to some plodding repeto-riffs as you careen down 95 back from a race with a carload of smelly, sleepyheads......

Thursday, August 5, 2010

new kits on the block

Going to be racing cross for the Newbury Comics /High&Mighty Beer Co. this season. Stoked. More news to follow.
High&Mighty Beer Co.
Newbury Comics

torche/boris split 10

Didn't I already talk about torche, 10"s, and record nerds? Well the only way to up the anti then is to put out a split 10" with Boris(record nerds become turgid) on hyrdahead(record nerds start to throb). To really make the record nerd blast off, you could also release it simultaneously with a Melvins/Isis split record. Any self respecting record nerd will be running to american apparel to buy clean skivvies after that........... I think all this jizz talk is influence by reading the collected Touch and Go zine book. I apologize. Only issue with a record like this is-will it live up to the hype?
So about the music. Boris drop one sidelong jam that starts off with some blastbeating drums and trippy vocals before meandering back into standard boris territory-defined by hazy and hook filled riffing. It alternates between the washed out riffs and hyper drumming. Some of the guitar tones are almost like the Swirlies and then when you least expect it they hit the distortion pedals and bring in some classic pummeling to close it out.
Torche deliver a more reasonable 5 minute track. Sounds like Torche after a big handful of downers for the first couple of minutes then comes into focus for the grand finale.
Both bands seem to use the same formula on this-letting a song sort of form out of the rando riff jamming. Last minute of each track was my favorite.
Not essential, but you already bought it, so what are you going to do?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Torche "Meandertahl Demos" 10"

Meanderthal was one of my favorite records of 09 so I was curious about this 7 song 10" when I saw it. Expectations were high as was likelihood of disappointment. I guess if I was more on the ball I could have got the cassette version a few years ago, but I am not so here you go. The first seven songs off Meanderthal are here with only one flip flop of the track order. Grenades,Across the Shields, Healer-3 of my favorite songs are all here. No crucial reworks of these songs, but a limited 10" makes it mandatory for nerds. I like the version of Across the Shields more than Healer, cause you can hear 2 distinct singers more. A lot of people can debate alternate mixes (Raw Power, Bringing it Down vs Chunking, etc), but I am not one of them. The songs ruled on Meanderthal and these versions rule too. Torche rule get it if you can.
Amnesian Records is the label.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

CIA "Gods.Guts.Guns, and More" LP

I first heard CIA on the Empty Skulls tape which I mail ordered in the early 80s. They hay day of tape comps, mail order, and raging antisocial hardcore.
I was blown away by CIA and the song Violence which even to this day ranks as a top ten US Hardcore anthem in my book. I mailed off to Inca records to see what I might find out about this band. I remember getting a catalog and a bunch of stickers. I think there is still a Vatican Commandos sticker from this on my desk in the old bedroom at my mom's house. Despite how sick their song was on that comp, I never ordered any of the Inca Records releases. As I watched the prices on those 7"s climb I kicked myself. Even if Lost Generation and Vatican Commandos were never my cup of tea. CIA was always the band that I lusted after. I bought thee "Die Jerry Die" bootleg of CT core 7"s that it was on and found some online blogs to download the jams for my Ipod.
Luckily for all of us, More than a Witness blog is putting out records and this was their fist choice. I mail ordered it immediately. 20 tracks. Side One is the "god,guts, and guns" 7" plus some outtakes. Raging. Reminded me a little of the Freeze which I didn't expect. I Hate the Radio almost hits some early Descendents core territory. 82/83 Hardcore is pretty much timeless and that holds true for these guys.
Side 2 is demos/rehearsals/live. Always in danger of being filler central when you see that. Except when one of hte demos is the Audio West sessions with your jam "Violence". "Gangland War" is the other track from this and it is pretty raging. Any LP collecting the demos and outtakes is going to have some covers and you get a demo of "as tears go by" which is again pretty Descendent-esque. The 3 demos on side 2 are pretty fucking top notch and only one song repeats from the 1st side. All the stuff from 82 seems more pissed and aggressive. They also have the madatory slightly slower song "Free Me" to wrap up the demos. Slow then fast. Works ever time. Pretty Rad. Finishes off with only 2 live tracks one of which is a Sabbath cover. Punk bands pretty much only cover a couple Sabbath tunes and these guys pick Children of the Grave over Paranoid. Probably the fastest version of the song you will hear. The title of the last song "Fuck On" made me think it was an obscure Japanese HC cover, but it is not. Just a final dose of fierce US shredding.
I would have been stoked if this was just the song Violence 20 times in a row, so I was especially happy that it was filled with so many solid tracks.
more info
Of course they reunited and of course there is footage on youtube

recovery jam

This vacation kills computers

Not sure why, but every year as my summer vacation approaches, I experience cylling computer malfunctions. Started a longtime ago with a wireless Vetta-battery died in the cadence sensor on day one. Progressed to a Polar that opted to malfunction constantly. This year my Garmin had a whole host of tricks. 1.Battery dead on the cadence sensor. Not the end of the world. 2.Altitude/Elevation developed a fixation with me climbing 10400 feet no matter how long my ride. The fact that I was riding pretty much pan flat seaside roads made this more funny than anything else. 3.The grand finale. HR stopped registering. WTF????? Probably just a battery, but why all the headaches.
Even if I couldn't compulsively track my every data point, I had a sick vacation. Although after 2 weeks of solo base miles, it was nice to hammer with the crew today.
I now have 11 months to figure out the reason why Westport MA kills cycling computers.