Friday, July 13, 2007


Well my hope for a breakaway yesterday was not rewarded. Good win for Pozzatto. A lot of crashes and mechanicals.
When Vino says "I'll be back" about coming back from yesterday's crash, do you think he is even aware of how funny that is? His crash and lost time yesterday is no joke thought. Losing a minute plus right befor the Alps can't be good.
Serious bad luck for Asatan yesterday as Kloden crashed as well and was thought to have broken his tailbone. Ouch. Guess it's up to Salvodelli and Kashecken.
Respect to Pozzatto, keeps the Liquigas win streak rolling.
Finally does Millar have to wear those hideous retro 90s Oakley's until he wins a stage?

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Hemi were a band that released a handful of 7"s and and LP in the early 90s on Big Money Inc. Rocking and heavy but with a nod of the head to bands like Drunk Injuns and some of the more fucked up rocking punk bands of SF past-Dicks Tales of Terror,etc.
They came out during that pre grunge era(93-94) when bands were "too rock" to be punk, but "too punk" to be rock. (maybe too old to be punk anymore???) Think Bullet Lavolta or something. At least one dude in the band had to be rocking leather pants,etc.
Hands down their classic song was "Slow Leak" which appeared on a 7" and a Thrasher Skate Rock Comp. The version on the single has a super overloaded recording and it practically jumps off the turntable heading for your throat.
Tracked down a copy of their CD for $1.99 worth it for the digitized versions of the classic songs from the singles(Slow Leak, City of the Lost Souls,Save Yourself,etc) The remaining tracks run the gamut from pretty good to kind of OK to not bad which is not a good place for 6-8 tracks to be.
These are the kinds of 7"s you can find for a buck or two in the back of most record stores. Tragically lingering in the "budget" or "cheap" section most likely.
Every city had a band like this "ex-members" that go metal. Think Four Horsemen in Louisville, Junkyard, any band from Boston,etc.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Packers Hole in the Wall/Go Head On 45

Pure Soul Music is the label for this Packers 45 from 1966 or there abouts. "Hole in the Wall" is an instro workout that should bring to mind Northern Soul classic "Wade in the Water". It is spiced up with some male and female talking in the background and some percussion.
"Go Head On" has a more organ driven groove, but breaks back into some more nimble piano work. Both songs have wicked jazzy grooves. Dance floor killer, but they avoid the usually heavy handed instro stomp and repeat that so many standards use. Even this barely "good" quality of this copy, doesn't detract from the tunes.
Every copy I have seen of this single is usually beat up which I can only think stands as a testament to its power as a party starter.

Monday, July 9, 2007


It is early in a race to see a lot of people abandon, but I am very anxious to see who starts tomorrow and who doesn't. Today's crash seemed to catch a lot of people Fred Rodriquez rolled in last looking a hundred years old. Not good. 2 more days of sprint finishes could further thin the pack. I am really looking forward to Thursday, the profile favors a breakaway and with the Mountains looming on Saturday it could be a spring board to a good day of racing. Sprinters should be tired and the climbers/GC guys might hesitate. I'm not saying a break will get 30 minutes.... but should make for a little more drama than waiting for a break to get caught.
Still can't get over McEwen's sprint on stage one. He came from nowhere to first so fast. The overhead camera shot is jawdropping.
One last note. The Russian/Euro Mullet has been in the pro ranks for a while and has been taken to it's logical extreme by the USSR's own Joe Dirt. AKA Vladmir Karpets (How many guys mullet and sibeburns extend past their time trial helmets?), but there were some very Jam/Small faces haircuts turning up this tour. Bradley Wigging didn't get a prologue win, but has to feel good in this modfather doo and Wim Vansevenant may never be as popular with me as Wim Van Huffel, but his hair is worthy of mention.

And if for some reason the TDF isn't interesting to you, go to NYCBike Snob. This blog is out of hand and has been hitting home runs daily.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Toni Joe White Groupie Girl 45

"Like a joint she was passed round" and so goes the cautionary tale of "Groupie Girl" by Toni Joe White. Pretty standard rock with a decent guitar lead and wah wah solo fade out. "High Sheriff" is the back up and again a cautionary tale to keep your hands off the sheriff's daughter. More country rock than Groupie Girl. Some kind of swampy feel which makes sense since his fans give him the nickname "Swamp Fox". Monument Records. At some point he switched his first name back to the more traditional Tony and is still active in Nashville so watch out.
Not crucial but clearly begging for some mixed tape appearances.

TDF annoyance #2

"Pint Sized Powerhouse" and "Aussie Pocket Rocket" are two descriptions of Robbie McEwen that I would be happy to never see again. I guess most cycling journlists want to put their alliteration skills to work, but enought already. It was bad enough that the same hackneyed phrases got applied to Leonardo Piepoli all through the Giro.