Saturday, November 17, 2007

Latest Bad Hair Day in cycling

Cycling hair styles seemed to hit rock bottom with the Eastern Euro Mullet that seems to be hanging in their (eki, brutt, karpets, etc). Belgium seemed to be rocking the faux hawk and Wiggins was making sure the UK kept the Mod look locked down.
But only one country was ready to revive the Nikki Sixx LA Glam-Metal coif, that's right-Italy!
One can only hope that Grillo just has Sixx's hair and not his prodigious appetite for drugs

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sunday, November 11, 2007

warm up madness

I remember a while ago one of the cycling message boards had a thread about pre-race warm up music. I was surprised how bland some of the selections were. Maybe bland is the way to go, because I can't claim any great results after listening to this mix, but at least it gets the Heart Rate up. About 49 minutes.

Ted Nugent-Stranglehold
Queens of the Stone Age Regular John
Slapshot-What's at Stake
Slapshot-Another Mistake
Foo Fighters-Overdrive
Mobb Deep-Get Away
Monomnen-Murder City Nights(Radio Birdman cover)
Rancid-Stand your Ground
Agnostic Front-Peace is not an Option
Slayer-South of Heaven

Perhaps just the above photo of Pavel Brutt with resplendent mullet is enough to race the heartrate to success??