Wednesday, December 29, 2010

bigger picture

Two things today caught my eye and made me think. I was never really a Captain Beefheart fan, but reading this Byron Coley penned obit/appreciation, it is hard to imagine something nicer being written about yourself. Essentially Beefheart the shield that nerds could wield to protect themselves from the world.
"...they were more a way of creating
a bubble of madness to protect me
from the goddamn normals
who dogged my every sullen step"

Then I saw this little known fact about Gino Bartali. I never really took a side in the Bartali vs Coppi debate, but I leaned towards Bartali on principle-this seels the deal. What did you accomplish on your last training ride? How will your actions as a human be remembered?

So two different stories, but one theme-how will your words and actions be remembered when you are gone? As the new year approaches and goals and training plans are being laid out, a reflection on the bigger picture can't hurt.