Wednesday, December 23, 2009

best of 09

1.dino jr -farm. classic album. classic video. summer jammer!

2.double dagger-More on thrill jockey. Baltimore keeps DC style alive. So good. this one is kind of like the first No Trend 45....

3.doomriders-darkness comes alive. lions for track of the year! from skate rock to biker rock? this song gets me ready for intervals.

4.converge-Axe to Fall. no video. this track is better than the video jam.

5.slayer-world painted blood. even on a camera phone it goes off at 2:54.

6.raekwon-criminology 2. "angel hair with the lobster sauce"

7.old wainds-nordic death kult. so much for poorly produced slavic black metal. this sounds sick and kills it. so good you get fan made videos!!!! breath. Portland Metal Punx Get Serious!
9.liturgy renhilation. NY Black Metal keeps getting better
10.el michels affair-enter the 37th chamber. wu-tang forever.
11.stinking lizavetta-sacrifice and bliss. pretty good for "doom jazz"
12.tombs winter hours. crushing.


Citizen's Arrest Discogrpahy (the 7" still rules. the rest is ok) Nuclear War Now!
Forge your own Chains (nowagain)
Psych-Pop 101 (nowagain)
Eccentric Soul-Smart's Place. The story might be cooler than the music.
Blogged and Quartered site-relentless dropping of crucial jams.

All selections have been thoroughly road tested over the spring,summer,fall and winter. Not sure what I missed, but I know I will think of it moments after I post this....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

VDB wisdom from beyond the grave

"I remember Frank Vandenbroucke used to use knee warmers and he’d cut them off shorter because your knees were not cold, but your quads were, so he’d have an extra layer over the quads."
Via Matt Wilson from Beglium Knee Warmers. Glad that site is back.