Thursday, September 6, 2007

East of Underground S/T CD crucial military funk gem

Imagine being in the Army in the 70s. Not much to do except get high and
hang around, mop the floor, and stop communism. Remember the movie Stripes? Well these
brothers were lucky enough to be stationed together, form a band, win a
talent show, and record this gem of an album. All covers played in a loose
garagey funk style that is phenomenal. Lots of not so serious banter, Off
kilter interpretations of the songs. A rough edge and straining quality makes this essential. Vocals are killer.
Wax Poetics wasn't going to put out a dud for their first release, but this
unknown soldier is a funk monster. Sly, Clinton, Curtis, James-all the heavy
hitters get a treatment. Even Santana and Bacharach get in the mix. So Mega. Get it on CD on limited LP and rock this into Indian Summer. You've got a much better chance of getting one of the 2000 repressed albums than trying to track down one of the "handful" of OG copies out there.
As if this isn't enough I've got a new Eccentric Soul on Deck. HomeSchooled-all kids and juveniles playing funk and soul. Unstoppable and a positive review is likely by Sunday. Roll down the windows and crank these labor's of love while the temperatures still allow it.

Wish I could just buy the poster.... black metal

This is a new level of "kult". Putting a shaved pig in a gasmask??? Speechless.
I guess Darkthrone kind of set the parameters of the playing field with the classic album covers like Transylvanian Hunger back in 1994 and since then we have had 13 years of refining the formula. Can't say for sure who first introduced gasmasks (maybe Revenge??) but they have become as integral as bullet belts and homemade weaponry.
Thanks to distro's like, I can check out all the latest permutations of black metal cover art without having to be subject to the latest redundant rehash of the black metal musical formula. Maybe if some of these dudes just focused on making photo books or zines they might maximize their talents.
Hard to say but when the photos are better than the music, I would be a lot more likely to buy a book than buy a cd just to look at the pictures.

Can Bettini Double at the Worlds?

Can Bettini repeat? Il Grillo will be a marked man at the world's. A savy rider from a weaker team could win by following his wheel and getting lucky, but the chances of back to back championships are pretty slim. 91/92 Gianni Bugno (of the ill Gatorade team kit!) did it and then you have to go back to 60/61 and Rick Van Looy. Bettini has definitely suffered from the curse of the rainbow jersey this year. He has scored only 2 victories! But he got one this week and has been at the front during the hard stages of the Vuelta's first week.

The Stuttgart course suits him and his team is arguably one of the strongest in the field. That might be as much a curse as a gift, as he will have serious competition from within his own team.

The course should be very selective and I don't have a list in front of me, but without Valverde there isn't another clear favorite. Maybe one of the Schleck brothers if they are on form. Perhaps Freire can handle the climbing and be ready to strike? Schumacher? Hard to say.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Peterbilt Reissues Rain and Deadline

DC was famous for bands that weren't built to last. Rain and Deadline are 2 perfect examples. Peterbilt was Guy from R.O.S/Fugazi's label and these are the 2 best releases (no offense to Black Light Panthers). The members of these bands are a who's who of DC music and I am guessing you know who if you are one of the handful of people that read this.
Previously hard to find in their distinctive manilla envelope sleeves, Dischord has been kind enough to reissue them on compact disc here -and save you a ton of cash as well. They have even attempted to mimic the Peterbilt packaging. I would think that they could have dug in the archive for some photos or stories (a la touch and go's reiusses perhaps)
Rain deliver the goods-87 era post-revolution summer emo. Still more straight ahead rock than what Fugazi would deliver later that year. My copy of the record skips-and I think a lot of them did, so it is nice to hear this with no blemishes.
Deadline (of the dreaded D.O.D crew) have a more classic DCHC sound from 1982. Maybe not standing the test of time as well as the Faith LP. Still a fun blast from the past that is worth your time.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Curse of the Selle Italia Signature Seat

Remember when Selle Italia dropped the big three signature seat series. Ullrich, Pantani, and Virenque all heavy hitting champions...... Seems like this may have been the moment that cursed all three to a life of infamy rather than continued success. Can't necessarily blame the corny Pantani and Ullrich graphics for their troubles, but like the Tiki Idol from the Brady Bunch it is hard to ignore the bad luck and decisions that followed.
At least the Virenque graphic has a sinister foreshadowing of the doping problems that would capture him.
Of all three it is the Virenque seat that has weathered the fashion trends the best. Not unlike Tricky Dick himself who came back after his ban and managed to still have half of France screaming for him. Maybe there is a lesson in that for Jan,Tyler,Floyd, et al.
At least Tinker and Super Mario have avoided the curse even if stuck with the corny saddle graphics.
So today's stars better beware if Selle Italia comes calling......