Thursday, February 1, 2007

Top Records of 06

boris-pink. hyped to death, but still standing

slayer christ illusion. return to form from the kings of antichrist.

ghostface-fishscale. Tony Starks is untouchable. 2 albums and an action figure in one year. Holla

clipse hell hath..... Could have been a top ten last year if they weren't
at war with their label. Although a year's worth of them bitching about
the label might have been worth it. Plus you get the "got it for cheap"
mixtape. Just when you thought you heard every drug rap metaphor.

lady sov public warning. not as good as it should have been but it makes
the cut non the less. Def Jam did nothing to make this better. Good job Hova.

girl talk night rippper. no comment.

sizzla overstanding sqweeked this one in at the buzzer. siz is the man and dame dash did not fuck this up. Even this guy curtains is nice. plus check his lyric directory on his site

Darkthrone Cult is Alive. I liked this a lot more than the last couple, More crust less black metal. These guys keep at it. ( I think the Nattefrost picture disc for Nekronaut came out in 06. that would make the kult cut too)

DOOOMMM. Listened to a lot. Asunder and Orthodox might be the best? Too many to remember.

Lil Wayne. Ruled the year on Mixtapes. Weezy F Baby. Too fucking much. Gay? On steriods? On ecstasy? On guitar? What next? Carter 3 for 07

*** addtion*** Don't know I forgot this but the debut release by Witch kicked ass. Highly recommended

There were more kickass reissues and compliations that they were new
records. Old music has been beating new music for a while.

kashmere stage band -texas thunder soul. Untouchable 2CD set of funk and big band type orchestration. Killer liner notes.

everyting the numero group put out. ecentric soul, gospel soul, etc.

soul gospel 2 on SoulJazz. Much better than volume one

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