Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Myrna Summers The Mystical World of ... LP gospel soul

Inspired by the Gospel comps on Soul Jazz and Numero Group, I have made several unsuccessful forays into searching for gospel soul grail. Today I finally scored. Myrna Summer's The Mystical World of LP on Savoy. Luckily for me she made it easy by covering "Have a talk with God". So even if the rest of the record sucked, I figured this track should at least hold some promise.(Once I got home a quick google check confirmed that this track was on Soul Jazz's Soul Gospel 2 comp) Phil Stencil is credited with "Synthesizer for Special Effects" as well as Clavinet and Organ. The record has a nice funky groove with an obvious nod to SW's 70s sound.
There are a bunch of good tracks on here. "Take Courage" has some frantic disco/funk fueled gospel choir action and "Have a talk with God" is true to the original.

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