Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Gospel Sounds Judah Live LP Brockton Gospel!

Did some serious South Coast digging on vacation and found this one in New Bedford. Straight out of Brockton comes the Gospel Sounds who drop the Judah Live LP. 11 tracks on Judah Records manufactured by the Fleetwood Custom Recording Company in Revere MA (BMC5163). The back up vocals that end the first song hint at a potential for some R&B fireworks, but it is not to be. They mine a gospel groove somewhere between country rock and Three Dog Night. The killer back up vocals reappear on "I found Jesus" and it's like the Chi-lites or Tavares are hiding in the background, but the Jesus'd out honky front man is scaring them away
All songs are credited to Patty,Jimmy,Doug,Chico,David, and Richie.. A group effort. This won't be turning up on Soul Gospel Three anytime soon, but is still a decent soft rocking gospel effort(why that matters I don't know) Mainly of local interest. If it only had one drum break or slightly fuzzed out guitar part......

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