Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rasmussen Rides Again

I guess the next logical step for dopers it to make like Rasmussen and just keep riding and going to races. Ronde Van Pijnacker criterium is not the TDF, but it is still a bike race and Rasmussen will probably show up in his plain yellow jersey and sob story about getting railroaded (and he will earn 15,000 Euros!). Tyler still says he never doped. Floyd wrote a book and will turn up to whatever event will let him start, and now Rasmussen(who I realize hasn't tested positive, but...) is just going to keep riding and pretend everything is cool. That is brilliant. Maybe they can run a "Pro-Modified" category so they can all get back in the game. There was nothing lamer or phonier than Virenque breaking down in tears years after getting busted, and I can't imagine how much lamer it will be if Rasmussen,TH, or FL change their stories.
The pile of circumstantial evidence around this guy is ridiculous. Your own team fired you when you were in 1st place in the biggest bike race of the year. You consistently missed tests and lied about your where abouts. You ride about 2 races a year and are no where to be seen otherwise. You were even one of the "men in black". Add in the older "take my shoes to Italy" story and you don't have a picture of an honest athlete.
Never mind the endless list of climbers past who doped. Is there some link between super elite climbers and a proclivity to dope?
What race would let him start? This is the problem. You cannot focus solely on riders to end doping. Team management and Directuers need to get fined, banned, and punished as much or more than the riders.

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