Saturday, September 22, 2007

Thanks Coach

The boom in sports coaching has been pretty wild. You can benefit from a structured training plan and good feedback, but there are a couple things that make me crazy
1.Coaches who race-how can I trust you? Are you going to make me as fast as I can be or just a little slower than you?
2.McCoaching. Why drop money monthly for a plan with no personal feedback or assessment?
3.Ex-Pros who now coach, but never used coaches or training plans in their racing days? Then brag about it in interviews?
4.Half truths-coaches always tell you not to starve yourself and to "refuel" etc, but then you read coaches blogs that talk about skipping meals and cutting weight.
Cycling always comes down to a weight to power ratio. There isn't anyway around it.
Rule number one will always be "shut up and suffer". If you do that long enough, you might get better.

So with that all said I guess there are only two options until Jens Voigt turns coach. Nega Coach is probably suitable for 90% of aspiring racers.If you are uncomfortable with Nega-Coach, that leaves Greg Hill. He was wining before you were born. BMX you say? But of course, think about the BMX roots of some of today's top pros (Robbie McEwen for example.

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