Saturday, October 13, 2007

First taste of cold. Fall is in here

No one likes dragging the bike out on cold,dark,rainy,freezing days to get the miles in. Winter makes you wish you choose a different sport cause the choice between Roubaix reruns on the trainer or the Andy Hampsten imitation outdoors, is not a great choice
But none of that matters on the first fall ride. The cold is a nice change, not a crushing pain. You can imagine you are in your own "Race of the falling Leaves"
Today was that day. It was 39' when I walked my dog and 44 when I started to get ready to ride.
First ride with knickers,toe covers,wool socks, and
embrocation. Fall in New England is here. Last weekend it was almost 90
and today it didn't break 50. This is my favorite time of year to
ride-even if it adds a few minutes to getting dressed. Where did I put all
that winter gear? Where is my other glove? All true cycling nerds get
pumped up at the smell of obscure embrocation potions.
Enjoy it while it lasts...............

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