Thursday, October 4, 2007

Props to Psychic Circle

Based on the monster "White Lace and Strange" comp, I threw down for 2 more Psychic Circle comps and while not the back to front killers that "White Lace" was , they all had some serious high points.
Mix a Fix features 20 tracks of "modish" soul aka "UK Floor Fillers". Which I guess is blue-eyed soul, but not necessarily? All from the UK is what ties them together. Most likely to be called "mod dancer" in an Ebay description. Elements of the Who and Small faces can be heard with some more poppy orchestrations. There are even a couple Sladey Pub-Rockers. Top 2 tracks are diamonds Gene Latter and the Detours "My Life Ain't Easy" is an upbeat rave up familiar to some as it was covered by the Plimsouls. Gene Latter is a dead ringer for Paul Weller (or perhaps vice versa given the chronology). Second banger on here is Louisa Jane White who despite her very plain name drops a funky gem "Speak the Truth".

Up next is the "Visit to the Spaceship Factory" which claims to cover "20 gems from the early years of Prog". No false advertising but also not a batch of Yes wanna bes. Hard rock and Psych fans will be stoked.
I don't know how many sub-genres they can manufacture but so far so good!

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