Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sufi Choir LP

Now this is what I expect out of cultish hippie commune bands. Right off the bat the album cover seems to be some kind of mandala featuring a Jerry Garcia'ish looking hippie playing a flute at the center. The back cover name checks everyone from Cecil Taylor to Pete Seeger. The back cover photo would make Devandra Barndoor jealous for the mid 70s beardo commune cred. Almost every drug rug, poncho, and robe variation is visible in the picture. These people were followers of Murshid Lewis a sort of Sufi proto-Univeralist known in the media as Sufi Sam.
Big choral vocals(male/female) but not a heavily produced feel. Runs the gamut from chorale folk to more Indian inspired rave ups. Understand It on side 2 is the killer on this one. A little more rocking with some bass/guitar/flute fireworks.
Akashic Records (surprisingly no relation to the GVB's book company) California 1973.

These hippies released at least four records right up into the 80s. Some killer photos here. A greatest hits CD is also available.
Probably should be part of the Krsna Rock Series.............

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