Sunday, November 11, 2007

warm up madness

I remember a while ago one of the cycling message boards had a thread about pre-race warm up music. I was surprised how bland some of the selections were. Maybe bland is the way to go, because I can't claim any great results after listening to this mix, but at least it gets the Heart Rate up. About 49 minutes.

Ted Nugent-Stranglehold
Queens of the Stone Age Regular John
Slapshot-What's at Stake
Slapshot-Another Mistake
Foo Fighters-Overdrive
Mobb Deep-Get Away
Monomnen-Murder City Nights(Radio Birdman cover)
Rancid-Stand your Ground
Agnostic Front-Peace is not an Option
Slayer-South of Heaven

Perhaps just the above photo of Pavel Brutt with resplendent mullet is enough to race the heartrate to success??

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