Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hara Krishna Festival Part 2 LP. Krsna Rock #25

More traditional kirtans on this German record that may mark Hansadutta's first grab at the spotlight. Front and center on the cover(which is one of the best Krsna LP covers!) and getting plenty of credit on the labels, Hansa is putting himself out there and telegraphing the desire for recorded fame that lead to infamy with his two solo albums. He is even rocking it shirtless heart throb fashion on the back cover.
The cover is a veritable who's who of celebrity dopplegangers(maybe I am crazy but I see Jake Phelps, Richie Underdog, Tyler Hamilton, and Ray Cappo look alikes in the background). The cover is by far the best and most action packed on a devotional record.
Music is all Kirtans. Well done and a good listen-carrying on what HK Festival Part One started.

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i looking hard to get anything connected to Krisna records on lp.

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