Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tacos for breakfast

Today was going to be a good day on the bike. Not epic, not legendary, but a good day out. Until I got doored. At first it looked like just the front wheel was demo'd. I was fine. Nick played rescue crew and grabbed my car, so I could swap wheels and keep going. If only it could be so easy. Throw on a new wheel and as I ride away realizing my shifter feels funny. Well it feels funny, but how does it shift? Not so good as my rear derailleur explodes!!! Nice. Luckily I can roll down hill to my house again and examine the bent rear derailleur hanger that helped give the rear derailleur the impetus to self destruct.
So now I am looking at new front wheel, new rear derailleur, new shifter, new rear derailleur hanger (hey maybe a frame and fork too -why not go big?). Bike is in the shop now getting examined for the damage report that I will probably have to chase the idiot who doored me across Arlington to get paid.
I think the best part of the whole thing was when the lady said, "I can't believe I doored a cyclist" and I looked down at my bike and then back at her and said "I can". I think that went over her head.
So another weekend another incident. I need to get the curse remover going on this bike thing.
I have to give the Williams front wheel a lot of credit, it absorbed most of the force of the impact before imploding.

Day later. No word on bike til Monday. Took a 2 hour ride on my single speed cross bike which as much more fun than I expected. Guess that's the silver lining. Can't cry when you have more bikes to ride.

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