Friday, May 2, 2008

When things go wrong

It is hard enough to balance work and riding when everything is running smoothly, but when the bike malfunctions it can really push you to the edge. Riding with Billy last night. New squeak and creak is getting louder which is annoying as hell. I assume it must be the new cleats or something shoe related. Half way up a hill, I discover my left leg wiggling around. Look down and how about that, the crank arm is loose. Awesome. No tools. Stop and hand tighten it, and soft pedal home. One legged pedaling drills are not so cool when you can't switch legs. Get home, fix it, and ride back to work to get my car. Eat dinner and drink beer, but that would be too easy, how about a pinch flat a mile from your car-did I mention the no tools thing includes no pump, no tube! Good job! I manage to ride the softening tire almost all the way back to work, but of course have to walk for a while.
Unlike Bjarne above, I managed not to throw my bike onto the Mass Pike, bu the idea did cross my mind.

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Aaron Harris said...

Geez man, been there. Made me laugh pretty hard though! Thanks for that!