Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cancellara delivers

This guy is having a dream season. Wins when no one expects it and wins when he is the clear favorite. Going home with a bronze and a gold? Not a bad trip for him. Now if he could just get a better nickname. Nice podium for CSC. Leiphemer gets a little love.....
Here a dejected Stefan Schumacher contemplates his life next year riding for rock racing.....

Kristin Armstrong represents for the US grabbing Gold in the woman'S TT.

I guess when you go all out in a TT, you should look like this at the end.

Other racing?
How bummed is Kloden to be racing in the rain in the Tour de L'Ain? 2.1 UCI rating. Ouch. Gerdemann's success can't feel too good either.
Tour of Utah starts today which will feature a nice Rock Racing vs Garmin-Chipotle show down. Too bad GC is counting on Tommy D. There is some kind of sad Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker thing with a Tyler vs Tommy D battle.
As the season winds down, there should still be some intense racing as too many guys will be srcambling for contracts so Eneco Tour, Tour of Ireland, and Deutschland Tour should be good for those not invited to the Vuelta.

Finally in other racing news Gilbert snagged a win in the dernycriterium Wilrijk. That's right a crit where you motorpace behing a derny??? That is gnarly. Some random pictures here.

Random cycling rumour, another Tom D at Garmin? This Belgian site says its int he works. Wait and see, but that could be an interesting move.

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