Thursday, December 11, 2008

Best Records of 08

I struggle with these list every year. This year, I am basing it on stuff I listened to most. I spent a ton of time in the car this year and most of this is good driving music. There are a few records that blew my mind (Krallice for instance), that aren't on the list. If I was listening to Krallice while driving, I would proably start playing demolition derby. This is pretty much all get up and go music

#1Torche. Hands down best record of the year. The power, the hooks.

Nachmystium. There were several reasons this record should have sucked and the arty excesses are as bad as anything on Funhouse, but this record slays.

NightMarchers. Not unlike Nachmystium there are some swings and misses on this, but when it connects it is fantastic.

Annhilation Time. RKL vs Thin Lizzy? These guys have moved well beyond their ealry Blast/Black Flag worship into a pretty enjoyable band borrowing heavily from 70/80s hard rock(and obscuro English hard rock at that)

Terror-Forever Crossing the Line.

TI Paper Trail

Paul Weller 22 Dreams. The modfather covers a lot of ground on this sprawling double lp. Pulled most of it off live as well.

Sixto Rodriquez. Sugarman is overhyped compared to the Dylan vs Donovan battle the rest of the album undertakes.
Brotherman SDTRK. Hard to believe this lost gem isn't a hoax

Close but no cigar

With 20ish days left to go in the year, I am sure I will remember a few more records in the coming days....................


Anonymous said...

Torche vocals are weak. 600 bands have done this.
- D

Anonymous said...

And by the way, who the hell wants melodic metal?

Melodic metal is like hardcore bands "maturing". That might be nice for the personal development of the people in the band, but that doesn't mean I have to listen to that tripe.

May I crawl to your throne. Oh master god of swine.

That's more like it.