Monday, January 12, 2009

Cross World Champs Prediction.

So Nys wins the Belgian Championship, but the surprise is Niels Albert. Albert a guy who missed a month of racing with a torn spleen? Albert the guy who had a mechanical in the first lap of the race and had to chase for an hour? Nys only beat that guy by a hair?
Albert was my pick for Belgian champ, and based on this performance Boom better keep a close eye on him next weekend.
Belgium cold and fast. Italy muddy.
Interestingly, looking over the photos of most of the Euro national championships, there was a real absence of deep section carbon wheels. I've seem more carbon tubulars in C races here in New England, than seemed to be in use in most of the National Championships.
Curious to see what it looks like at the Worlds.

So there you have it. Albert, Boom, and Nys in that order. Albert's victory makes him the most hated man in Belgium.

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