Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Random Music and Cycling.

Shrinebuilder is a new super group. Follow all the action here. Record should be sick. Blog is pretty rad too.

Wino has a new solo album out. There isn't any pension plan or 401K for being a godfather of doom, so buy it.

The International Noise Conspiracy are back and have pushed into an awkward prog/pysch lite on their new record. They sound like a "psych band" that would be playing in a movie. Dustbins of History would have made an amazing 45, but the rest of this is a bad combo of political theory name checking and not so subtle nods to their record collections. Never mind the barefoot, bearded Rick Rubin at the helm.
Regardless of all the BS, Dustbins gets a lot of plays on my commute home.

Subhumans from Canada prove that Canaduh can do something right, but how come all the good Canadian Punk bands come from the West side of the country? I guess the east has the pop-punk thing locked down(Nils,Doughboys,etc), but how can you compete with DOA,Stretchmarks,SNFU or this. They have a collected works disc out now on AT. Would be untouchable except they reformed and are recording new stuff? Why ruin a such a perfect run?

I couldn't understand how the Tour of Argentina was getting such quality riders, but Giovanni Lombardi is one of the organizers. It's hard not to compare Basso's performance to LA's since they are racing in similar temperatures and distances. Ivan wins the Twitter war as his "micro-doses of over sharing" are way better than LA's. Maybe if Lance's were in Italian it would be better.
CSC and Columbia's new kits suck. Now way in hell is CSC going to be on Roval wheels. That will be the rebadge of the century.

Liked this editorial and this old article.

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