Sunday, February 8, 2009

cycling bits and pieces

This is a sick team bike. These guys are stoked.

There haven't beeen to many jaw dropping bike articles coming my was lately, but Pez hits a homer with this look inside a wheel builders workshop. The home made/modififed tools are amazing.
This kid is the new Jan Ullrich. Fat faced, inconsistent, and an alleged next big thing.

The winner of the worst ever excuse for failing a doping control, Björn Leukemans, is back and winning. I am sure Baden Cooke is stoked to be on a team with him. At least he is on the same team as Borut Bozic.

NY Times picks up on the Svein Tuft story. Cool article.

goes to a new team, but at least the blog is back at full throttle.\

Finally a new winter event.

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