Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Death for the whole world to see CD

Death were a 3 piece ,3 brothers no less, from Detroit. This isn't the Jackson Three though. 1975. Drag City is the label. You have to grow immune to the hype that surrounds the latest "unearthed treasure" or "lost classic" and this record was getting a hype overload of MC5/Stooges garage rock blow out hyperbole.
You can tell by a lot about a band by their photos and even though their probably weren't a lot of group shot of the brothers Hackney, you can tell these guys are legit and going to rock out.
It has the odd prog/pre punk edge of say a Simply Saucer while clearly being some Detroit influence rock. Definitely grabs the energy of the stooges or MC5 but drops the hippy influence completely. You could name check Black Merda, but there is no funk influence. Definitely has the paranoid mid 70s alienation thing going on. It is melodic in the classic punk way and maybe even a touch of Thin Lizzy.
This is a killer record and you can enjoy it without having to attach a bunch of names and genres to it-so enough with the Bad Brains comparisons. I would love it if this were a Mick Collins hoax, but it it legit. How long to the

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