Saturday, April 4, 2009


It is hard not to go with Boonen, but I would love to see Hoste finally end the 2nd place curse. Tough to see Ballan and Cancellara not in their prime for tomorrow.
I also want last years young guns to have another good year-Maakant, Terpstra, and Langeveld for example.

Rabo and Quickstep have super strong teams and that favors Boonen and Flecha, but guys like Pozzatto have shown they can get it down with no help.

Well Museeuw made his call, so here is mine. Boonen,Flecha, and one of the three Hs from Cervelo (hushovd. haussler, or hammond).

Really I just hope it's as good a race as last year. The 08 DVD got watched back to back on multiple trainer sessions. Such a good race.

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