Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Non Cycling Odds and Ends

Summer (even a wet, overcast one) is not too conducive to blogging. I feel like I am in information overload-too many good books lined up. Too much music. Too much travelling. Too much bike life. It's all too good and leaves too little time to blog.
Music has been hit or miss
New Blank Dogs? It's rad, but more like Berlin than Joy Division. The twisted, broken sounding keyboards and underwater vocals are rad, but not too summer-jammy. Catchy none the less
New Aggrolites is probably the record for this summer. Retro, but not embarrassing. Gotta have that rocksteady beat when the temperature starts to rise-if and when it decides to.
New Rancid? Pretty bland. Not really living up to Indestructible.
I have been stoked to see the onslaught of Slumberland releases, but none of them has withstood the hype. They are a little too "tribute band" rather than "influenced by". So Liechtenstein, Bricolgae, and Crystal Stilts are all OK, but none lived up to the hype or transcended their influences.
As far as books. How about Night Gardner? DC murder mystery from one of the writers of The Wire. Or Swedish Death Metal or Burning Fight or Love,Sex,Death-the History of the Process Church??? That is a a lot to work with.

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