Friday, July 3, 2009

Pontiak Maker CD

This came out a few months ago and it took me that long to throw it on. Glad I did.Some dudes(3 brothers?) on a farm jamming in a 12x12 room breaking amps. That seems to be how the lable is pitching it. A little bit of Dead Meadow, but more straight aheads. This has a little something for everyone-doomy, proggy, jammy, mathy,bluesy.Just a good rock record. Not a straight ahead rocker, but rocking nonetheless.Pefect for driving in the overcast drizzle that has engulfed the east coast. "Wild Knife Night Fight" is a hell of song title as well.
Not what I expected with ThrillJockey on the label.
Band Site.
Some older video. They have at least 2 other records out.

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