Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Martha Splatterhead and beyond

Southernlord are releasing a new Accused record-"the curse of martha splatterhead". Accused's splatter rock was always pretty rad. Kinda metal, kinda crust, one of a kind vocals. I am not going to try and compare or rank this against other splatter-classics, but it is hands down a good record. Still harsh and unique. You can mention D-beat or black metal, but the Accused were doing this before those things really became genres.
The real thing about this is it reminded me of a bunch of bands who had a similar style and one classic comp that bundled a bunch of them together.
Wild Riders of Boards was the 3rd Thrasher skate-rock comp. It came out at the peak of cross-over,hardocore. It was from the period when every Pus-Zone was a must read filled with crucial tunes. 1985 was the year and on purchasing this cassette, you got crushed by Beyond Possession,COC, and the Accused who were all pushing the hardcore/metal envelope. In addtion you had Slam, Christ on Parade,No Rules, and Septic Death bringing it. Top it off with the drunk-rock of Boneless Ones and the all time classic "Skate to Hell" by Gang Green and you have a timeless classic of perfectly executed hardcore pushing beyond the boundaries. Some went metal. Some went rock. Either way this is a pioneering comp. If you were really lucky, you got the die-cut lp.

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Anonymous said...

the return of martha splatterhead is as good as it gets
- d