Monday, October 26, 2009

Boris 7's 1+2. Call off Pavlov's dogs

Is it just hype? or is it their uncanny ability to keep putting out records in ways that make you want to jump through hoops to get them? Japanese Heavy Rock Hits? Mailorder all three singles and get a free one sided single? Call me a dork, herb, whatever, but sign me up. These three have figured out how to push all the buttons on record collectors. They might even have one upped the Melvins with their ability to make people buy almost anything with there name on it.

#1 shows up. Graphics are too goofy for words. A-Side has me thinking it's a Swirlies record at first. B-Side "Hey Everyone" would be a cool track if it came up at the right time on shuffle.
#2. Nice underpants. "H.M.A". Heavy Metal Addict. Just like the Melvins-they got me wondering, are they laughing with me or at me? For a track called Heavy Metal Addict, I was expecting a little more shredding. B-Side starts off with a drum machine and maybe a nod to all those Blank Dog type bands with kind off a english/english disco vibe. Might be the best track of the 4 as I wasn't really expecting it.
Southernlord is the place to get it.
Probably will get more spins than Solomon Overlooked, but not by much. I will dig through a lot of trash to find a classic and Boris come through enough to make it worth it. Even if it it hasn't happened yet with these 7"S

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